A Celebration of Lights

Dear parents!

We are certainly off to a busy November!

In Superkids, we have met and finished learning about Icky (short for Ichabod), and on Wednesday we met the troublesome trio, Tic, Tac and Toc (what a tongue twister!) Together the three friends like to play musical instruments like the tuba and the trombone! They also enjoy physical activities such as tumbling and tossing! For the rest of the week, we worked on coming up with words that begin with “t” and we learned how to form the upper and lower case letter. Get ready for some triple trouble!

This week we finished up chapter 4 in Math which consisted of numbers 1 to 10, equal sets, ordinal numbers, and number patterns! Next week we will begin chapter 5 and we will explore numbers to 31! 

In Science, we finished up our fall unit which focused on leaves, trees, bats, spiders, and pumpkins. I sent home their completed packet this week with your child’s work. I hope you were able to check out their observations and data! Next week we will start our new unit.

During our Stem special, this kiddos finished their robots and learned about center of gravity and balance. Be sure to check out their robots which were sent home on Monday. They also learned about color diffusion, how fun! In P.E. they practiced kicking the soccer ball into the goal! In Spanish this week we worked on figuras or shapes and even made a book of them! Be sure to check out our circulos, triangulos, cuadrados, and rectangulos!

During our Social Studies unit this week, we finished our lesson on the Kwakiutl tribe. We learned that the village would have parties or potlatches to honor the new totem pole that was made. Did you know that totem poles told private stories and that only the village knew what they meant? How interesting! This was a very sacred ceremony to honor the hard work put into making the totem pole. Since we learned about the totem pole, we decided to make our own for our class. I can’t wait for you all to see how hard the children worked!

In the month of December we will be learning about different holidays around the world. Since Diwali occurred on October 27, we were lucky enough to have Lucas’ parents come in and talk about it. We learned that Diwali is a celebration of colorful lights! We were able to try some yummy treats and for an awesome Fabulous Fun Friday, we made beautiful diyas out of play-doh! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk about this beautiful festival of lights with us! We sure did enjoy it and appreciate your time!

Just a reminder that our Thanksgiving Feast will be held on Thursday, November 21. Details are being worked out now and we will send out an email with all the special details soon. It’ll be the cutest day to spend with us feasting on turkey and singing songs!  

The word of the week is: Totem Pole

With Love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie