October and November news

A few friendly reminders:

*Please send books back on our scheduled library day, which is Tuesday.
*Ms. Goodson has asked that everyone wear tennis shoes on PE day, which is Thursday.
*All Footprints are due on Friday.
*Do not order school lunch for Thursday, November 14th or Friday, November 22nd. I will let Mr. Roger know as well.
*Thanks to everyone who dropped off candy to our donation box. We have collected so much, Post Oak Pediatric Dentist is sending in Papa John’s pizza for our class next Thursday, November 14th along with juice boxes. If there are any other snacks or food your child would like to eat with the pizza, please send it in as an addition to their lunch.
*I have most RSVP’s for the Thanksgiving Luncheon on Friday, November 22nd. If you have not already done so, please RSVP to me soon….we are already up to 45 people!

*Clothing for the performance is as follows. Please have BOTH boys and girls wear ALL black. Girls can wear a dress if they choose or black shirt and pants. Boys, please wear black shirt (can be long sleeve tee) and black pants. I have the items they need to wear over their clothing for the performance. Please understand there is no rhyme or reason to choosing what they will be, it is just easier to have consistency. Boys will be Indians and girls will be pilgrims.

*Footprint reminder: Just like the 1st quarter, 9 need to be completed for the 2nd quarter. Please stay with the same format using first, next, then, and last. We will begin adding a little more detail to our sentences since the books are getting longer. They are due Friday of the same week (please send the book back as well.)

*I also sent home the new word list for units 7&8 earlier last week. We will focus on silent /e/ helper and vowel pairs. We had our end of level test today and everyone did a wonderful job!!

*We started chapter 4 in math this week. Word problems seem to be the biggest challenge with the kids. It is a matter of reading the question to completion in order to solve the problem.
I am still seeing many struggle with basic subtraction facts, specifically with twelve and eleven (12-7……11-6…..etc.) Our math problems are going to get harder and the kids really need to know their facts, especially 10 and below. I recommend using flashcards (either making or purchasing) and practicing on a regular basis.
Our next chapter will cover Venn diagrams and graphing. Basically lots and lots of word problems.

*In every subject, I am encouraging the kids to try to read their directions/words/problems before coming to me for assistance. Kids are often used to asking first how to do something instead of trying to problem solve on their own, a habit I am trying to help them break. I encourage you to do this at home as well. They may get frustrated and that is OK. Once they figure out what to do, there is often a sense of pride knowing they could figure it out. Try it!