November 15 2019

Happy Friday all!

We are just one week away from our Thanksgiving Break already! These past few months have flown by! Our classroom has been busy preparing our Thanksgiving Feast which will take place on Thursday, November 21 at 11:30am. The kids have put in so much effort getting everything ready for you all. We can’t wait for you all to see it.
Make sure to quiz your child on Pilgrims and Native Americans. We have talked a lot about the first Thanksgiving and how the Native Americans and Pilgrims worked together when the Pilgrims first arrived to America. We have talked about Wigwams, which is the homes of the Woodland Indians. We have talked about Papoose’s which is what Native American babies were carried in.
After taking a review break last week, we were back in full gear with a new letter this week…L! The kids did a great job coming up with L words and learning how to form the letter ‘L’. We made fun ladybugs after reading a book about the lifecycle of a ladybug. The kids really enjoyed learning some new facts!
We took a break from our normal math lessons to work on something special for our Thanksgiving Feast that involved shapes and patterns. See if you can find it when you come in!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Almost everything on our sign-up sheet for the Feast has been taken care of. It means so much to Ms. Hannah and I with you all volunteering for this special event. Many have been asking- Grandparents are welcome to our Thanksgiving Feast, but please let us know if they are coming- we just want to make sure there is enough food for everyone.
Next Friday, November 22, we will be having an early dismissal at 1 pm. There will be no treehouse that day. We will be out of school from November 25-29 and coming back to school December 2.
I look forward to seeing you all next Thursday! Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Schneider and Ms. Hannah

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