Numbers Galore!

Dear Parents! 

We are gearing up for our feast next week and we absolutely can’t wait for you all to see our performance and to feast with us!

This week in Superkids we finished up hanging out with Tic, Tac, and Toc and their shenanigans too! We worked hard practicing our word list during the week and had our word list test on Friday. Everyone tried really hard and did a great job!

In Math this week we learned the numbers 12 through 16. We also talked about what it means if a number comes before, after or between. The kids did a good job with this difficult concept.

Spanish had us talking about Thanksgiving or Dia de Gracias! The kids really enjoyed talking about this with Mrs. Thorogood! During Art, we finished up our owls on a book page and moved on to getting messy with clay, How fun! Be sure to check out your child’s owl, they were sent home on Friday. In computer lab we worked on practicing the keys on the keyboard. Then we played educational games on ABC mouse and got to listen and watch a book on the smart board! We sure do love our computer lab time! Last but certainly not least, in Music we danced and sang our hearts out. We even learned a new song A Ram Sam Sam!

Our VIP for the week was Ethan! Ethan loves spending time with his family,  wishes he had flying skills and his favorite place to be is on a cruise! I completely agree about his favorite place! Thanks so much for sharing so many wonderful things about yourself Ethan, we sure enjoyed it!

Our feast is next Thursday, November 21st. The sign up sheet has been posted. Please make sure you have signed up as everyone is invited to come and feast with us!

Don’t forget the word of the week is Thanksgiving!

With Love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie