4th Grade Weekly Update Week of November 18th

ELA: Don’t forget! The spelling list on the back of the agenda is the current spelling list and will be tested on Friday. We will continue to read Rules this week, reading through chapter 11. We are going to pick up our Word Study and Phonics book this week, focusing on the ti and ci sounds, Vowel Sounds ai, ay, ei, ey, and vowel sounds ind, ild, and igh.

History: On Monday, we’re going to make posters that cover the main ideas of the last three lessons we’ve covered with small groups. We’ll then move on to some of our last lessons including the Battle of Saratoga, Valley Forge, and discover how the fighting shifted towards the south. We’ll also resume Daily Geography; studying the Mercator Projection map and latitude and longitude. We’ll discuss the differences between the Robinson Projection and the Mercator and find the locations of specific continents and oceans using coordinates.

Science: We will continue our exploration of matter and pH this week. Last week, students tested the pH level of various liquids including vinegar, dish detergent, and lemon juice. We also explored how diluting these substances with water affects the pH level of these liquids. This week, we will investigate how to test the pH level of a solid, such as baking soda. Then, we will complete our post lab discussion to analyze the results of the data we gathered. I anticipate that our test over Investigation 4 and 5 will be the week of December 2nd. Students should begin reviewing the vocabulary terms for both investigations and the Investigation Four summary worksheet that came home in Friday Folders. Please remember that they need to keep the summary sheet to turn back in the day of our test! They use those sheets to help with test corrections.

Math: On Monday, we’ll look back at 16 problems students worked out on Thursday in our “multiplication rotation” (properly named by Eva, haha). We love some kinesthetic learning in the morning! Students rotate among their desks and work out different two-digit by two-digit problems. On Tuesday, we will move on to three digit by two digit multiplication and practice the rest of the week before our break! We might even do another multiplication rotation!

Friday Info: At 9:30, we will put together our MUST Ministry hygiene kits. I think we’re going to make our goal of 100 kits! It looks like we’re still running low on washcloths, full sized shampoos, and full sized toothpaste. All are welcome to help prepare the kits for MUST! After we stuff kits, we’re going to keep things pretty low-key for the rest of the day. Feel free to order pizza from Mr. Rodgers, go to a sibling feast, scootch out early to start your holiday, or hang out for Turkey Bingo, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and popcorn!