Full of Thanks!

Hello and Happy Sunday!

What a great weekend! The Bulldogs won, started some holiday shopping with my daughter, and completed a stitching project that I started almost a year ago. I am delivering this special gift to my cousin’s son for his first Christmas. I feel quite blessed and I have so many reasons to be thankful so let the celebrating begin.

Speaking of celebrating, these next couple of days will be very exciting, festive, and so much fun. First, I MUST thank Mrs. Garza, Mrs. Wolfe, and Mrs. Costa for helping our students make the cutest little decorations for our Thanksgiving feast. Also, thank you to those who signed up to help with our Thanksgiving Feast. If you are bringing in food, setting up our room, or cleaning up when the day is done, I truly appreciate it.

As far as our Thanksgiving Performance, if your student is dressing up as an Indian, any earth-tone colored clothing will be perfect. We are making vests this week to be worn during the performance. If you student is dressing up as a Pilgrim, then black and white clothes will be great for the collars and bonnets we are making in class this week.

Depending on weather and temperature, there is a possibility that our performance will be done outside in our Outdoor Classroom. I will keep you posted and let you know before Thursday what we will do. You may want to bring a blanket to sit on or put on your lap just in case.

This Week:

Reading: This past week, most of my 2nd graders picked out the non-fiction book they want to read for the next book report. If a change is needed before our holiday break, please let me know because I have other non-fiction books to choose from.

Language Arts: We will be taking a week off from our typical Journeys Textbook and spend the week learning about the history of the first Thanksgiving. We will also be working to complete flip books that will go home by the end of the week. Please note there will be no spelling list for next week which means no vocabulary, reading, or language arts homework. Yeah!!!

Math: Our Chapter 3 tests were well done. I am very proud of their hard work; especially with those line plots because they can be tricky! Soon, we will be working on our two digit addition with carrying over.

History: We are moving along in history and will be discussing haikus, kimonos and bonsai trees and their importance to Japanese culture. We will also be working on creating our own haikus.

Science: We are continuing on with Earth Surface and inspecting white marble and black obsidian.

Please let me know if you have any questions! As always, thank you for all YOU do!

A note from Mrs. Armstrong, our 4th grade teacher:

In years past, the fourth grade class at Wood Acres has made sandwiches for MUST ministries for our Thanksgiving philanthropy event. Their rules regarding food have changed recently, and we are unable to make sandwiches on campus because we do not have a certified kitchen.

Mrs. Armstrong has been in contact with MUST and found a great substitute! MUST Ministries gives out hygiene kits to outreach clients and from their pantries to individuals in need. Fourth grade is collecting items so that they can assemble the kits on Friday, November 22nd on the early release day. Their goal is to create 50 kits of the two different types of kits they are collecting, for 100 kits total. One of the kits contains smaller travel size items and the other contains full sized items. If you travel a lot and have some items at home, this is your chance to clean out your cupboards! The item list comes straight from MUST and they greatly appreciate our event because they are very low in their supplies at this time of the year.

All items can be dropped off in Mrs. Armstrong’s classroom on the top floor of Turner Hall behind the glass doors.

Hygiene Kits for Outreach clients (can be travel sized)
Soap/Body Wash
Chap Stick
Face Towel (Washcloth)
Shaving items for men

Hygiene Kits for Save It Forward Pantries
Full Sized Shampoo
Full Sized Toothpaste
Bar of Soap

Thank you so much in advance!

Hope your weekend was awesome and I am really looking forward to seeing you on Thursday at 9:00 for our Thanksgiving Performance.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
2nd grade teacher