Parent Update

I hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely, fall weekend with your families. As we were mostly indoors all of last week (due to weather), we look forward to the week ahead with sunshine and warmer weather!! This past week we spent time learning the number seven (please continue to review with your child), and crafting some special surprises to share on Wednesday at our Family Feast.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Family Feast on Wednesday, November 20th @ 11:00 for our celebration. Thank you all for volunteering to fill the table with yummy food! The children are excited, and eager to preform for you. Please arrive on time, as we will mingle for a few moments, preform and enjoy the feast!

Next week, we will continue with Thanksgiving theme and introduce the number 8. We are also asking for a donation of one apple per child for a special project. If you would be so kind as to have this in by Tuesday morning, we would greatly appreciate your help!

Enjoy your evening!
Liesel West and Marian Phillips