November 17, 2019 Newsletter

This past week, the class heard the flannel board story of the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims landing in America. Upon arriving at Plymouth Rock, they found nothing but the beach and forest. They couldn’t stay in homes or check into the nearest motel. They were hungry and cold. We learned how the Native Americans came to their rescue and taught the Pilgrims how to survive in their new land. When the food became plentiful, the Pilgrims decided to give thanks and invite the Native Americans for a 3 day feast. To this day, we still carry on the tradition of this first Thanksgiving. Like the pilgrims, we discussed in class, what we are thankful for and made a turkey to display those people or things.

On a personal note, the Pilgrims’ journey reminded me of my 6th paternal grandparents who took that long voyage, not from England, but France, to New Orleans in 1719 when the city was just 1 years old! Like the Pilgrims, they endured terrible hardships of hunger and disease and in Louisiana, add hurricanes and yellow fever! I am sure that many of your ancestors made the journey to America seeking a better life for themselves and their descendants. How fortunate we are that they made that courageous journey so we can be Americans!!

Okay now, let’s fast forward to the present. We learned about number 7 through coloring, counting, stamping and tracing. Since there are 7 days in a week, I took the opportunity to teach a catchy tune that Barney (yes, that purple dinosaur) taught many preschoolers about the days of the week in order. You learn concepts a lot faster if you sing them. (Think the ABC Song). We also had a ball dancing to, “The Weekly Rap,” where we do a different action for each day of the week.

We are preparing a few songs for Wednesday”s Family Feast. Hooray and thank you very much for signing up to bring food from “Sign Up Genius”. We will have a nice spread of food. Don’t forget, the feast is at 11:00 in our room. Hope you can make it.

Thank you to Jenny Park, Caleb’s mom, for reading to the class on Friday.

Next week, we will discuss more about the first Thanksgiving and Number 8. This Friday, will be “Pajama Day.” Everyone will wear their pj’s to school!! How fun!!

Mrs. Roussarie and Mrs. Alger

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