GAZETTE#9 November 18th

Today, we met Frits, our new Superkid. The children love his song about flat fish that flip and flop. In this unit, we will learn about two different types of sentences: the telling sentences and the asking sentences. The children will easily be able to recognize them.
THE WORD LIST TEST IS Thursday, December 5th.
Chapter 5 is all about numbers to 31. We are learning how to identify the numbers and compare them. This week we are learning to identify numbers through 30. We also talked about what it means if a number comes before, after or between. In order to identify those high numbers, we will learn how to make groups of tens to make counting easier. THE CHAPTER 5 TEST IS ON Tuesday, December 10th
This week, we are starting our new Lab Learner Unit: Making and Recording Observations. We’ll learn in the prelab how important details are. In the first investigation, the children will be introduced to the formal process of making and recording observations, as they will investigate whether different materials can be added to and separated from water. The children will discover that some of the substances can be separated using a sieve while others cannot. In addition, we will learn that labeling the drawings provides a way for the observations to be shared and discussed with others.
It is hard to believe, the holidays are coming up and very quickly this year. In our classroom, we will see how people around the world celebrate the holidays.
If you would like to share a holiday you celebrate with us, please let me know. We would love to learn about different traditions.
Mrs. Siegelman and Ms. Kathie