A Thankful November in Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

My how time flies! We certainly did have a busy November. It was one that was filled with friends, family, and feasts!

In Superkids, we met our newest Superkid Frits! Frits enjoys fishing but can’t seem to catch a fish since they flip flop away! We have come up with so many words that begin with F and we have also learned how to write the letter with our best handwriting! Don’t forget to take a peek at your new word list during the break!

Math has gotten tougher too, but WOW what a hard working group of mathematicians we have! We have worked on numbers 0-31 since early November and we’re going to keep on going!  I also introduced groups of numbers last week. For example, one group of ten and another group of ten make twenty. This is a difficult concept but it helps the children understand how to write the number.

We finished our unit in social studies on Native Americans and moved on to the pilgrims this week. The Pilgrims left Plymouth, England to sail to America aboard their ship the Mayflower. They wanted to leave England since they were unable to worship the way they chose to. So they sailed to the New World, which they named Plymouth, when they found it. In Plymouth they met an Indian named, Squanto. He was so helpful! He taught the pilgrims the Indian ways of growing food! Then many of them became good friends with each other.

On our last Fabulous Fun Friday before the break, we got together with our amazing book buddies! We all headed to the computer lab and our buddies helped us play games and get to know the mouse better! We had so much fun and will certainly miss our buddies throughout the break!

Thank you all again for attending our Thanksgiving feast before break. The kids worked so hard on memorizing their songs and they were so very excited to share that with you. It was a great feast, which couldn’t have happened without all of you! Ms. Kathie and I are truly blessed to have wonderful students and wonderful parents. Have the happiest Thanksgiving ever!

With love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie