4th Grade Weekly Update Week of Dec 2nd

I hope everyone has had a gratitude-filled, restful, fabulous break! I know I have, and I am ready to finish 2019 with a bang! Check out my blog post for info about the week ahead!

ELA: On Monday, students will be introduced to vocabulary from our spelling list that covers Chapters 12-15. We will read through Chapters 12 through 15 over the course of the week in our novel study Rules. In grammar this week, we will begin our verbs unit, covering action verbs and present tense verbs. Our spelling test will take place on Friday in the afternoon covering the words that were passed out on the Friday before the break. We will also squeeze in a practice during study hall to prepare for our Holidays Around the World presentations on Friday.

History: We will review our final lessons of the Revolutionary War this week, reviewing the Battle of Saratoga and Valley Forge from before the break and discussing how the fighting shifts to the south and the war comes to a close.

Math: This week we will finish up our last lessons of Chapter 4 that cover multiplication problem solving. The Chapter 4 test will take place on Monday, December 9th after we review this week.

Science: We wrapped up Investigation 5 of Chemistry, Matter, and Interactions before leaving for Thanksgiving break. Our test on Investigation 4 and 5 will be on Tuesday, December 3rd. Students received a study guide before our break and were instructed to bring home databooks. On Monday, students should bring the study guide, Investigation Four summary sheet, and databook to class. They will be given class time to finish the study guide. Then, they will need to turn these items back in on Tuesday.

Holidays Around the World: On Friday, students will present their Holiday Around the World Presentations in the Library. Be on the lookout for the sign posted on the awning of the library doors on the Quad side of the front office. We will share any treats that come in during any breaks we encounter between presenting groups. Names will be randomly picked during the blocks of time, so please make sure to be on time! Here’s what our schedule looks like:
8:45-9:15 Group One: Liam, Avery, Eva, Declan, Ahaan
9:15-10:00 Art
10:30 Group Two: Aubrey, Mridula, Rachel, Rowan
11:00 Group Three: Ashley C., Pablo
11:30 Group Four: Ella, Abby, Ben, Anders, Ashley R.

Week at a Glance:
Tuesday: Science Test
Friday: Holidays Around the World and Spelling Test