Weekly Update from Mrs. Pumphrey

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends, and enjoyed time with your children. The week flew by, and I am sure the time between now and our Winter Break will fly by as well. Please see below what we are up to in our classroom next week.

Save the Date:
Wed., Dec. 19th: Third Grade Holiday Party

Thurs., Dec. 20th: Early Dismissal

Fri., Dec. 23rd-Tues., Jan. 3th: Winter Holiday Break

Important Notes:
Thank you: A thank you for contributing food for our Thanksgiving feast. Our class had so much fun and the children loved the food!

Christmas Gift for Mr. Rick: Mr. Rick is our unsung hero on campus, and often saves the day. He is humble, kind, and loves the kids. Always smiling and always helpful. Please send in $5.00, or more if you feel moved. I will collect the money, and the children and I will present him with the cash and cards the week before the break. Thank you!

Third Grade Holiday Party: We will celebrate the Winter Holiday beginning at 1:00. Please feel free to join us for crafts, games, and food!

Viking Longship: Due Dec 4th.

Book Report: Mystery sandwich book report is due Dec. 6th.

What’s Going on in our Classroom:
Reading: We will read “Yonder Mountain: A Cherokee Legend by Robert H. Bushyhead (pages 470-487) in our reading textbook. Open book comprehension test on Friday.

Spelling: Words include:ability, accuse, ancient, bargain, brilliant, certain, convince, delicate, delightful, expose, fierce, gasp, glance, imitate, journey, patient, refuse, resource, route, and symbol.Test on Friday.

Vocabulary: Unit 10 words include: actual, brink, chill, conquer, fortunate, fury, intend, pattern, vibrant, and wit. Test on Friday.

Writing: We are working in the computer lab, and perfecting our letter writing.

Math: We are working on graphing. Please help your child memorize their multiplication and division facts. This makes a huge difference in your child’s confidence and ability to work effectively.

Grammar: We continue to learn about verbs.

History: Our Viking unit continues! We will be writing a Viking legend. Test on Dec.17th. Students can use their history book and blue history folder to help them go over materials.

Science: We will have a science test on Dec. 12th over Investigations #3, #4, and #5. A study guide and the Student Data Record Book will help your child prepare for the test.

As always, if you have any questions please contact me.