Gazette #10 December 4th

As you can see, we are in a winter kind of a mood in our classroom.

Learning all about the letter ~ Ff~ with Frits has been fun! The children love his song about flat fish that flip and flop. In this Unit, we learned about two different types of sentences: the telling sentences and the asking sentences. The children can now easily recognize them.
We started a new writing activity this week “The Word of the Day.” The students can pick a word from the Word List and make their own sentence with it practicing their creative writing. I thought it went very well for the first time! Not easy to sound out all those words… For certain difficult words, I certainly gave them a hand. The word list test is Thursday, Dec. 5th.
Chapter 5 is all about numbers to 31. We are learning how to identify the numbers and compare them. Today, we learned about estimating. It was a little tricky but lots of games and practice helped. Making groups of ten and counting the extra was not as easy as we thought but it is helping the children to write numbers correctly. They seem to love doing it when we have some fun and friendly pictures to count. The Chapter test is on December 10th.
This week, we are starting the Holiday Around the world with a little stop in Switzerland. I am looking forward to share the “St. Nicholas” Tradition with them. Next week, Sean’s parents will be coming to the classroom and talk about Hanukkah. We are looking forward to their visit. (Pictures will follow)
We will also learn all about the legend of the poinsettia from Mexico.
If you would like to share a holiday you celebrate with us, please let me know. We would love to learn about different traditions.
Today, we started our first investigation. The children were introduced to the formal process of “Making and Recording Observations”. They investigated whether different materials can be added to and separated from water. The children discovered that some of the substances could be separated using a sieve while others cannot. In addition, we learned that labeling the drawings provides a way for the observations to be shared and discussed with others.

~ Have you heard about Perry our little polar bear? He is keeping us on track and reminding us to not get too distracted. He is spying for good deeds as well. I predict that he will be hiding in the silliest places in our classroom. 😊
~Friday December 20th is our Winter Breakfast Party. More details will follow.
~Friday December 20th is the last day of school before the winter break. We will dismiss at 1:00 PM. NO TREE HOUSE that afternoon
Have a nice evening, Mrs. S. and Ms. K