December 6 2019

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving week! I can’t believe we only have two full weeks of school before our winter vacation is here already! Our classroom is showing the holiday spirit with twinkle lights, stockings, Christmas tree’s, Menorahs and Dreidles. We sure are feeling the holiday spirit!
We started a new story this week in our Happily Ever After Program, The Elves and the Shoemaker. The children are enjoying listening to the story about little Elves that like to come to a Shoemakers shop and help him magically make more shoes. We will be working with this story for the next two weeks. Be sure to ask your child if they can recall details from the story- something that we have been working on it class.
Our letter this week was “P” and the kids have done a Perfect job! Our word list made it to 60 words this week- one of our highest ones yet! We had fun making paper plate penguins and making our very own puzzle. A lot of the kids get the sound “P” and “B” mixed up. A trick we use in the classroom to differentiate the two is by putting their hand up to their mouth. When we say the “b” sound, we don’t feel our breath on our hand- when you say the sound “P”, you should feel your breath on your hand. We will move on to the letter “O” next week.
We celebrated our first of five birthdays this month by celebrating Effie! Please make sure to take a look at our snack calendar as it’s a little out of order for all the birthdays we are celebrating! Our Winter Party is set for Wednesday, December 18th. We will be celebrating this day by having a PJ Day! Please make sure to send your child in with their PJs. Please remember, this is a kids only party- the only adults will be the ones who signed up as volunteers.
Ms. Hannah and I absolutely loved the flowers and picture frames that you all gave us during our Thanksgiving Feast. We are so grateful for all of you!

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