4th Grade Weekly Update Week of Dec 9th

ELA: We will finish up our novel study the next two weeks before the break; reading through chapter 20 this week. We will up the reading with comprehension questions that go along with our class discussions to check for understanding. Our 2nd quarter book reports will take place on Friday. This group of presentations will just be with students. Since we just had parents at the Holidays Around the World presentations last week, we’ll save the 3rd and 4th quarter book reports for parents. Students received their new spelling list on Friday and will be tested this Friday, the 13th. We will turn our attention back to our Word Studies book, but looking at entry and guide words in the dictionary and practice these skills!

Math: On Monday, students will take their Chapter 4 Multiplication Test. They were given a list of topics they should review to feel prepared. The most important concepts have notes pages in their binders. I would specifically review the front-end estimation and the multiplication properties, since those were some of our first lessons covered. After we test on Monday, students will complete a cumulative review that covers Chapters 1 through 4 before moving on to division!

History: We will review our final lesson about the war coming to a close on Monday, and then spend the rest of the week reviewing for the Revolutionary War test on Thursday. Students will be given a study guide to help them prepare and narrow down the topics to the big ideas.

Science: Students did a beautiful job preparing for the Investigation Four and Five test last week. Tests were graded and sent home in Friday Folders. I also sent home the study guide and summary worksheets with a note attached informing parents that those sheets are no longer needed. On Friday, we jumped into our new unit! We started the Forms of Energy Cell. We are currently learning the difference between potential and kinetic energy, and students are investigating how an object’s mass affects its potential and kinetic energy. We will continue our investigations in the week ahead!

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Multiplication Test
Thursday: Revolutionary War Test
Friday: Spelling Test and 2nd Quarter Book Report Presentations