December Delights

Hello Everybody,
I do hope your weekend has been full of fun and festive activities. I’ve been busy with working on school stuff, watching college football, and putting the final touches on decorating our home for the holidays. Yes, it’s busy but quite fun and beautiful in so many ways.

During these last two weeks of school, we will continue to read, write, compute, spell, and celebrate this beautiful time of year. On Friday, we enjoyed Sinterklaus Day which children celebrate in Holland. We will continue our adventures to Italy, Mexico, Israel, Sweden, and South Africa and learn how children celebrate during this holiday season. We will meet with our book buddies and beaker buddies this week to celebrate our friendship that has been so special this year.

Friday’s assessments will be the same as usual and we will be getting ready for a science quiz for the last week of school. Right now, Mrs. Leagan’s class will have the quiz on Tuesday, December 17 and Mrs. Littleton’s class will take the quiz on Wednesday, December 18. Everybody will get a study guide this week to complete in science class and at home. Hope your student is sharing with you what we do in the Beaker Jr. each week. It’s quite a gem watching our second graders get excited about learning the Earth’s Surface with me and their beaker buddies.

Take care and may the rest of your weekend be awesome.
Cheryl Leagan
2nd grade teacher
The Wood Acres School

P.S. Don’t forget to join us Thursday evening at 6:30 for the Chrome and Band Concert. Ho Ho Ho!!!