Soggy Salutations from Mrs. Leagan

As the final week of school is here, I hope you are warm, dry, and enjoying the sights and sounds of this holiday season. Today, I’m baking, grading, wrapping, and getting ready for our fun, festive and final week of school.

Book Reports are due and presented on Monday, December 16. Please make sure your student has the non-fiction book for their presentation. Having the book with the project just makes the book report complete. I’m looking forward to learning about the topics my super readers chose to share with us.

All 2nd graders have a science quiz on Tuesday or Wednesday. Hopefully, your student brought home his or her SDR and study guide to finish that we started this past week. If your student has some spare time this weekend to complete and review Investigations 1 & 2 that would be so helpful for this last assessment for 2019.

As far as the rest of the subjects, we are giving some of them a rest for a while. We are near the end of chapter four in math, so there will be a quiz and end of the chapter assessments regarding 2-digit addition on Tuesday and Wednesday. All of my students have been reviewing a lot but too much practice is never enough when it comes to math. Thanks for your support in helping your student do well this week.

I want to William Coffey’s grandfather for coming in and talking to our students about his career as a pilot and how STEM was a huge part of it. He did a great job explaining how important STEM is in the military, flying jets, and in life. Picture to come, I promise.

This past week, we learned how children in Italy and Sweden celebrate the holiday season. In Italy, Le Befana comes to deliver gifts to children as she is looking for Baby Jesus. Yesterday we decorated, delivered and devoured cookies with our book buddies, 2nd and 3rd grade friends. We learned about Sweden’s St. Lucia’s devotion to her faith and what happened in spite of it. Yikes.

Monday, we will learn about Kwanzaa in Africa, Tuesday, we will hear about Hanukkah from Mr. Golan and Yoel then off to Mexico for La Posada. I think my students are enjoying the cute holiday traditions that other children are celebrating in the different parts of the world.

I do want to congratulate those students who performed in the Chrome concert Thursday night. I can’t tell you how proud I am of our students handling this difficult accomplishment. Getting on stage can be very scary and nerve-wracking, but all of our 2nd graders sang and danced with ease. Great job everyone, and I hope you consider signing up for Chrome again. Job well done!

That’s about all I have for now. The oven is going off, so I must go. Enjoy the rest of your soggy Saturday and I will see you on Monday.

My best,
Cheryl Leagan
2nd grade teacher
The Wood Acres School