December 19, 2019

Hello All! It is time to turn the page to 2020 soon, so this is my last 2019 blog! What we did this week:
* Science was on Monday, where the kiddos used a certain Christmas candy for an experiment. See if they can recall this and tell you the outcome.
* Tuesday was a visit to the book buddies, where we made gingerbread sticker houses!
* Wednesday was the holiday party/pajama day. Thanks to all the helpers who made the party a success!
* Thursday was Math day, where we talked about symmetry and practiced putting pictures together.
* Friday is our early release day, everyone is leaving at !:00. There is no Treehouse care available.

Have a joyous and restful holiday break!

Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Staggs and Mrs. Tallman

**pictures attached