Happy 2020!

Hello Everybody,

Today marks the end of the 2nd grading period. Can you believe that your student is halfway through 2nd grade? I certainly can’t. I must tell you that I absolutely love all of my students because they have learned so much information and the growth I am seeing is amazing. I am so proud of them because of the compliments they are receiving from other teachers and they are noticing themselves that they have come a long way with their skills as a 2nd grader.  

Here’s some information to know for what’s happening this week:

-January Book Report guidelines will go home tomorrow.  Students are reading an unrealistic fiction story. Think Magic Treehouse, Flat Stanley, etc. Students MUST bring their book in by Friday, January 10th for approval if they did not choose a book from class. This report is twofold. First, students are to dress up as a character in their book. Second, they are to complete the character wheel template given to them in their report and RECREATE the character wheel onto regular poster board. You may help them to draw the wheel onto the poster board. Regarding their costume, please have your student come to school IN COSTUME to eliminate wasting time changing into it. They may bring a change of clothes to change into if they wish. Book reports are due Friday, January 31st. We will have a second grade celebration of our character dress up that afternoon to show off all their hard work.- We will begin cursive very soon! The kids are very excited to learn cursive and are eager to start. We will begin learning uppercase letters in class. Each day, I will send home a copy of the cursive page they practiced in class for homework. It is important that students do not try to write their name in cursive before we get to it in class. It is hard to wait, but once they begin to practice writing their letters the wrong way it is difficult to change. Thank you for sending the same message at home!

– Report Cards will be going home Thursday, January 16. 

This Week:
Language Arts: Reading We will begin this week with a humorous fiction, Officer Buckle and Gloria. 
Grammar:  We will begin working on abbreviations. Vocabulary Strategies:  We will continue to work on root words. 
Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Cause and Effect, as well as, humor in writing. 
Phonics: Compound Words and the schwa vowel sound. 
Math:  We finished our fourth chapter with a chapter test before our for winter break. They did an incredible job!! This week, we are starting Chapter 5, which is two digit subtraction with regrouping or borrowing as we might remember from our days in school. 
History: We are starting a new unit this week called Americans Move West. We begin with ways of moving west, and what life was like on a frontier.
Science: We will begin Investigation 3 which is about weathering or erosion. Our scientists will be using the pan balance to compare gravel, sand, top soil, and soil.

Thanks for your time and I can’t wait to see my awesome students in the morning.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
2nd grade teacher
The Wood Acres School