4th Grade Weekly Update Week of January 13th

ELA: Last week, we prepared for our research paper by reviewing topic and concluding sentences, and we reviewed our research paper packet, which will be sent home to review with parents on Monday, so you can get a good idea what we’ll be covering for the quarter. Please send it back with a signature, so I know it’s been reviewed. We’ll keep all of our research materials at school while we’re working on this project. This week, we will finish gathering our resources, review how to create note cards for our research findings, and complete the bibliography info pages. After we are all prepped, we will start researching! In grammar this week, we will cover linking verbs, helping verbs, and irregular verbs and get practice with each. For the next three weeks, the spelling lists will cover commonly misspelled words. These are the words you see misspelled all over the place! They will need plenty of practice to master these words since they are tough! Mastery of these words will help prepare us for our research papers and continue to help with writing skills.

History: Come by and check out new years timelines we created last week that cover 2020 BC to 2020 AD! Students did a wonderful job researching and creating interesting timelines! This week, we will begin our study of the Constitution of the United States.

Math: We are continuing our study of division this week. Our focus will be on 2 and 3 digit quotients. We ‘ll get a lot of practice in to master these skills!

Science: In Friday Folders, you should have found Investigation Two summary sheet with a note attached. This weekend, your child should begin studying using the Investigation One and Two summary sheets. On Monday and Tuesday, we will conclude our discussion of Investigation Three and students will complete a summary sheet. I will send it home with them after grading to use in studying for the test, which will be on Friday. The test will include information from Investigations One-Three of Forms of Energy Cell.