All of US!

Dear Parents,

Boy has our class been busy, busy, busy!

We have officially finished meeting all of our Superkids and are discussing the letter U for us! Boy is this class excited!  We have learned how to write both the capital and lower case letter and have worked hard to come up with words beginning with U. Now that we have introduced all of the Superkids, we will start the Superkids Club in a couple of weeks. This is where the class will focus on blending letters to form new sounds that will help teach us reading skills, as well as segmenting sounds with spelling. We’ll also focus on comprehension with reading and will also work on more detailed writing assignments. There will be a new packet of words and information coming home with each club book, so be sure to check your child’s folder!

This week we finished up chapter 6 in Math. We learned about equal and unequal parts, lines of symmetry, tallying surveys, and several different types of graphs! I must say, all of the children excelled on this chapter! Keep up the good work kiddos!

In science, we finished up our lab on observation and data and will move on to hibernation next week! Our last unit talked about observing different patterns in the world. It also discussed lines of symmetry just like our Math lesson covered!

In social studies, we finished up our unit on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The class was very attentive when we played his, “I Have a Dream” speech and worked hard to come up with their own dreams for our country. I have to say that social studies seem to be the favorite out of all subjects- the class is so full of questions and stories about what they are learning.

For a fabulous fun Friday treat, we got together with our book buddies! Each of us read a book to our buddy and then enjoyed lunch with them! These kids sure love catching up with their buddies!

Please remember that open house is scheduled for Sunday January 26 from 2pm to 4pm. I hope to see all of you there in 1st grade!

Don’t forget the word of the week is: symmetry

With love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie