January 22nd GAZETTE

Stop by if you have time to take a look at our “I can dream like Dr King” Stories.

“US” is our last Meet the Superkids book and it introduced the short ~u~ vowel sound in words like umbrella and under. This week we are talking about vowels and consonants. Please keep practicing the vowel sounds at home, as it is getting a little more challenging. The Word List Test is on Friday, January 31st.
This week, we are also working on our writing using the words: First, next, last.
Thursday, January 31st is Superkids Day! Come to school dressed like of one the Superkids. Which one will it be? I cannot wait to see. 
Chapter 6 test went very well. The children enjoyed doing tally charts and pictographs.
On Monday, we started chapter 7. In this chapter, we are learning about addition readiness. We will work on vertical and horizontal additions, used ten-frames and write number sentences. THE CHAPTER 7 TEST IS ON Thursday January 30th.
SCIENCE in our classroom:
This week we started our hibernation and winter animals unit. We are learning about the animals who migrate, hibernate or adapt. We will end this unit with a “Blubber” experiment next week. Pictures to follow, I promise.
The children showed lots of interest in learning about Martin Luther King. We talked about his “I have a dream” speech. They enjoyed the different stories as well. They loved looking at pictures of his childhood home in Atlanta. We are talking about kindness and respect for others.
Our next History Unit will be about the MOUNT RUSHMORE. We will learn how Mount Rushmore was built and we’ll talk about the White House as well.

Mrs. Siegelman & Ms. Kathie