4th Grade Weekly Update Week of January 27th

Check out our Shutterfly Account for pictures from Book Buddies on Friday! We had such fun making “hibernation caves” out of graham crackers, icing, and Teddy Grahams. It was messy, but such a fun way to tie in their unit of study with a Book Buddy visit! I’m always so proud of my fourth graders’ behavior. They are such great role models for the little ones!

ELA: This week, we will continue researching our states for our research paper. I will still offer extra time on Tuesday afternoon until 4:00. Please let me know by Tuesday morning via email or directly at drop off if your student wants to stay for the extra hour. To keep our reading comprehension skills sharp during this heavy writing time stretch, we are also going to incorporate some short passage practice that utilizes various strategies to help make inferences, identify sequence, find context clues, and search for the main idea with supporting details. Students will be introduced to a specific skill on Mondays and will then practice throughout the week with homework assignments. This week, we’ll work on identifying the main idea in higher leveled reading passages.

Math: We will finish up our division unit this week! On Monday, we will revisit order of operations that was introduced on Friday. This is a tough concept to learn and additional practice will be beneficial! We will also learn how to find the mean of a list of numbers, and practice more division word problems. Students will use some of the strategies we’ve used before, such as working backwards, but also learn several new strategies that are more efficient to use with division.

History: We will continue our Constitution unit this week. We will learn about the Virginia Plan and the decision making process of of why the convention voted to write a new constitution rather than revise the Articles of Confederation. Students will also gain basic understanding of our federal system, define separation of powers and checks and balances. We’ll learn about the Great Compromise, the Three-Fifths Compromise, and the compromise on the slave trade. Once we’ve understood the basics to form the constitution, we’ll look at how it all came together and was ratified.

Science: In Friday Folders, you should have received the Forms of Energy Investigation 1-3 test. You also should have received the study guide and summary sheets with a note attached letting you know that they can be thrown away. In lab, we are currently learning about chemical energy. Students are learning that endothermic reactions absorb heat energy into the reaction. On Friday, I led a teaching demo where students observed the caramelization of sugar, which is an example of an endothermic reaction. Next week, students will experiment with exothermic reactions and learn that heat energy is released in these types of reactions.