January 25, 2020 Newsletter

One of my favorite units is hibernation and what some animals do to prepare for Winter.
I was so proud of the way the boys and girls made the hibernating bear in the cave. For this craft, they had to color, cut, glue. What an awesome project! I read “The Bear Snores On,” about a hibernating bear who sleeps through a party made by forest friends until something wakes him up. Ask your child what woke up the bear in the story.

Another funny book is ,”The Silly, Snowy Day,” about a turtle who doesn’t want to hibernate. We covered our turtle with leaves just like in the story.

On Wednesday, the children had a blast acting out animals in Winter. They all had a turn to act out four animals. They had a chance to be a bear in a cave, a bird in the nest, a bunny in the snow and a bat in a cave. Enjoy the photos below that we took of all the “animals.”

Because of the school holiday on Monday, the class was introduced to the letter C only. We made delicious looking “cupcakes” with shaving cream and glue topping. They will be part of our bulletin board display. If you visit our room tomorrow for Open House, you can see this and the beautiful Winter houses on display the boys and girls made in Art class.

I hope you will take advantage of Open House tomorrow!! This is your opportunity to check out our fabulous 4yr. Old Program!! Meet the teachers, hear about the curriculum and visit the rooms. It’s Open House so come by any time between 2 & 4. It’s well worth the trip and don’t forget to stop by our room to say “hello.”

In my newsletter last week, I mentioned that the class will write letters in different materials. Yesterday, I helped them to write A,B & C in shaving foam! For some of the kids, this was there first time exploring the feel of shaving cream! How awesome!!

Thank you to Donise Green for reading to our class as the Mystery Reader.

Parent-Teacher conferences will be Tues Feb. 18 & Wed. Feb. 19. If you have a preference of a day and time, please email me.

Mrs. Roussarie and Mrs. Alger

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