Mrs. Leagan’s update

Hello and Happy Saturday!

Well, my Saturday has been consumed with grading, planning, prepping, and working towards a great week for our 2nd graders. As look at the amount of material your student is learning throughout the week, I must admit that I am quite proud of their determination, hard work and their cute spirit that comes to school every day. I feel so lucky to be around them each day because I get to watch them grow and learn with each lesson, assignment, and project. Thank you for letting me spend my days with all of my great students.

Speaking of projects, don’t forget that our next book report presentation and project is due this Friday, January 31. I can’t wait to see the book characters that walk through the door. Our classroom is waiting for new reading material to be displayed, so everybody can read and enjoy them.

We are making progress with our cursive, but I must admit that our days are so busy with other material that cursive is squeezed out of our day. I will do my best to get back on track and teach cursive again to everybody.

Now that our local stores are stocked and ready for Valentine’s Day, I guess it’s time to start thinking about love, friendship, and sweet treats. We do not have a party, but we will exchange valentines with both classes and our book buddies. Please look around your home for an empty shoebox that will be turned into a mailbox for all of the goodies your student will receive from their friends. More details to come as this fun day gets closer.

Academically, we are moving along in all subject areas. This week in Reading, we will read a biography My Name is Gabriela. The concepts we will learn are suffixes –y and –ful, Understanding Characters and Author’s Word Choice, and Long e sound.

In Math, we are nearing the end of Chapter 5 on subtraction. I am still mapping out our assessments, but they will be later this week and a little bit into next week. More information as we continue to work on each lesson regarding regrouping, estimation, and order of operations.

In History, our students have learned a lot about the gold rush and the first men who found gold in a California river. Next week, we will explore more of how pioneers continued to move west with a discussion on the development of cities and ghost towns.

Finally in Science, we are learning some big words in science such as infiltration, absorption, and percolation. We will meet with our beaker buddies this week, so we have a few more hands, eyes, and words to help our young scientists understand these concepts.

One last item, please stop by Wood Acres tomorrow, Sunday, January 26 from 2:00-4:00 for our Open House! I’ll be there and so will all of the other staff members that make up our fabulous school. Here’s a great opportunity to learn more about what’s to come next year and beyond for you and your student. I have been a part of this amazing school for almost 20 years and I wouldn’t trade my job for anything. I love everything about Wood Acres and I hope do too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, an I’ll see you tomorrow.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
2nd grade teacher
The Wood Acres School