What is purposeful play?

As children begin to move through their first early school experiences, it is easy to focus on the tangible skills that we observe in private pre-k.  What is harder to observe are the important skills that are developed through everyday play interactions. Purposeful play is sometimes an afterthought as we tick off the list of academic achievements such as shapes, colors, letters, and numbers that are more easily measured.  

 At Wood Acres private pre-k, we provide numerous purposeful play opportunities.  When children are engaged with their peers, a teacher’s role becomes that of an observer and guide rather than instructor.  Students relish these opportunities and any observer will see that the student’s natural curiosity and energy drives the learning.  Opportunities that organically occur are the best at developing the skills that will allow students to rise up and move through difficult situations, whether they be physical, social, or academic in nature. Purposeful play that is both fun and interesting promotes a love of school and learning that benefits children. 

Providing a balanced approach to academic and play opportunities for students is crucial to developing children that are passionate learners whose curiosity leads them to  seek deeper understanding. Children enrolled in the Wood Acres private pre-k classes learn with their head, heart, and all of their senses.