4th Grade Weekly Update Week of February 3rd

We made Super Bowl predictions using mean winning and losing scores from the last ten Super Bowls on Friday. I took pictures of the participants on Friday, and they are on the Shutterfly site. Let’s see who’s closest!

ELA: We will continue our note card research this week. I will still be available to stay on Tuesday afternoon if your student would like to stay until 4:00. I also work afternoon homework help on Thursdays during treehouse until 4:15. If your child wants to stay to work on note cards, but Tuesday doesn’t work, you can make a treehouse reservation, and I will allow them to bring down note cards to work on while I’m there. We will pick up the Word Skills Book again this week, switching to more of a vocabulary focus. We will discuss root words, inflectional endings, possessives, and comparative words. Spelling words this week cover terms used in science, history, and math!

Math: We ware finishing up our chapter 5 division unit this week. On Monday, we will cumulatively review the division skills we’ve covered and test on Tuesday. Our next unit, chapter 6, will cover measurement. The first week will introduce measuring using inches and renaming units of length.

Science: In Investigation Five, students are investigating mechanical energy. They are discovering the effects of gravitational potential energy by using a model car in our experiments. This week, they will have the opportunity to explore how chemical energy can be transformed into mechanical energy as they use a reaction of baking soda and vinegar to generate a burst of gas strong enough to remove a rubber stopper from the reaction vessel! After we conclude this Investigation, we will have a test over Investigation Four and Five. Students should be studying those vocabulary flashcards!

History: We will finish up our United States Constitution unit this week. Our last lesson, lesson 10, will take a couple of days to finish, as it is a longer lesson. It’s all about how the constitution written so long ago still effects us today. We will then review our unit with a study guide and a Jeopardy review before testing the following Monday, February 10th.