5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of February 3rd

Math: On Friday, we had fun making predictions for Super Bowl 2020 by analyzing data of the previous scores from the past ten years! It was a good review of data analysis as we worked together to find the mean, median, mode, and range of the winning and losing teams. Then, students used that information to make a prediction about the game this Sunday! So much fun when we bring our math skills to life! Speaking of helping students understand how math is applied in a real-world scenarios, I have another enrichment activity this week that students will love! On Monday, students will see how multiplying fractions is used when we adjust recipes when cooking. Students will use their new skill to adjust a brownie waffle recipe. Then, on Thursday afternoon, students will actually make the waffles to enjoy using their adjusted recipe! A big thank you to Sandy Piper who has volunteered to help us on that day! If your child has an apron at home, I encourage them to bring it that day. Then, we will really look the part!

On Thursday, we will have our unit test on multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers.

ELA: Our goal is to have our research notecards completed by the end of the day on Wednesday, so we can begin developing our thesis statements! Last week, I sent an email to parents about offering additional assistance after school to help with notecards. If your child would like to take advantage of this time, please let me know in advance. I am offering Monday and Tuesday from 3:15-4:15 p.m. in my classroom. On Wednesday, you can sign your child up for Treehouse, and I can help them in the homework room that day, too.

In grammar, we have started using Daily Paragraph Editing to help students master and retain grade-level skills in language mechanics and expression. Instead of practicing skills in a series of random, decontextualized exercises, Daily Paragraph editing embeds language skills in paragraphs that represent the types of texts that students encounter in their daily reading and writing activities that they encounter across the curriculum. Students received two valuable resources to use to help them with these activities at home. They have a proofreading marks handout that will help ensure they are using the correct marks when editing. This will also help us greatly with our research papers when we get to that point. They also received a language handbook that reviews all of the skills we will incorporate and gives examples. Students were instructed to keep this handbook behind the grammar tab in their binder. In Friday Folders, I attached a note to the first DPE sheet we completed together asking you to keep it for future reference. Your child should keep all of these sheets that come home to use as a study reference. Periodically, I will use some of these passages to create a test.

History: We will finish our Westward Expansion After the Civil War unit on Tuesday with a test. Monday will be a review day. Some students finished their study guides, others did not. Originally, I was going to test Thursday, but 5th graders have a math test on Thursday and shadowing that next day. I feel confident that as long as they are prepared to review, they should be just fine to test Tuesday to avoid having two tests Thursday. We’ll review the study guide and play a review Jeopardy on Monday to prep. After we take our test, we will get together in groups to begin our Maya, Inca, Aztec unit! This will be a group project that covers all three ancient civilizations. Their groups will research one of the civilizations and present their findings to the other groups. This is a fun project, but it requires lots of patience with group members, practicing compromising skills, and learning how to skillfully work with others’ strengths and weaknesses.

Science: We are moving quickly through Investigation Four. Therefore, it is essential that students are studying their science flashcards 10-15 minutes each night! Our unit test will take place after Investigation Five.

Other: On Friday, our students will shadow with the sixth grade and get a glimpse of what next year is all about! So exciting! Our shadow day will begin at 10:00 a.m. as students join 6th grade for Learning 101! We will still dismiss at our normal time of 3:00 p.m.

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Extra research time available 3:15-4:15 in Rozier’s room
Tuesday: History Test; Extra research time available 3:15-4:15 in Rozier’s room
Wednesday: Extra research time available in Treehouse 3:15-4:15 (Final Day)
Thursday: Ch 6 Math Test; Bring aprons for baking with brownies!;
Friday: Shadow day with 6th grade