February 4th Gazette

Last Friday, we started the Superkids’ Club! Yeah! How exciting! This book has two units: Bb and Rr. In the first unit, the Superkids are in search of a clubhouse where they can all have fun together. We are learning to name and write capital B and lowercase b and we are already realizing how important it is to form our letters correctly in order to not mix d & b. The Word List went home on Monday. As you saw, the word list is getting longer and longer as we are learning about new sounds. The children were surprised to see how they were able to decode those words so quickly. They are becoming wonderful readers. They are enjoying reading to the class in circle time and are doing very well. Children can either bring a book from home or get it from my library. They seem to all be very excited about it.
* Please, encourage your child to review any of the letters we have learned so far.
~Creative writing has been keeping us very busy too. Please continue to practice handwriting, the Word List and numbers at home.
The WORD LIST TEST will be on February 25th.
Chapter 7 is over! We learned the hard way not to rush and to always check our work in this chapter. 😊
On Monday we started chapter 8: subtraction readiness. We are learning that one meaning of subtraction is to separate a small group from a large group. We’ll use connecting cubes and other objects to help us understand the meaning of subtraction. We’ll learn how to use the minus and equal symbols to complete subtraction sentences. We will subtract numbers in vertical form too.
CHAPTER TEST is on Friday, February 21st.
Our ‘ Animal in Winter Unit” was great! The children specially enjoyed the “Blubber experiment.” Tomorrow we are starting a new Lab Learner Unit called “Making Measurements.” During this Unit, we will have many hands on investigations. We will measure with rulers and meter sticks. Next, we will use beakers and pitchers. In this unit, we will be working with pan balances and gram cubes as well. The children absolutely love going to the Beaker Junior!
The Mount Rushmore Unit is going well. We even have our own Mount Wood Acres in the classroom. This week, we will focus on our first president, George Washington. We‘ll talk about his life and why is he called the Father of Our Country. We’ll talk about the different jobs he had before he became our first president. We’ll discuss the similarities between the way children learn in school today and the way that George Washington learned in school.