4th Grade Weekly Update of February 10th

I shared a couple of pictures from Friday on our Shutterfly site! It snowed for about five minutes on the way to art and I snapped a pic of mouths open trying to catch those flakes! Ha! Spirit Day was Friday as well, so we got some group pics.

A couple things about Friday Folders this week: Confirmation forms for upcoming conferences were included. Please make sure to sign it and send it back to me in the Friday Folder. Also, a purple sheet of paper about an upcoming philanthropic event led by the Junior Beta Club also went home in Friday Folders. They are raising money for the Chattahoochee Nature Center by selling Candy Grams that will be delivered on Valentine’s Day. If you would like to participate please make sure to send it your order to the front office by February 12th.

Forms for our upcoming Jekyll trip are due by Friday! Please make sure to send them in the Friday Folder or send them in with your student any time during the week. I sent out an email this week about Valentine’s Day on Friday. We will be distributing Valentines. Students are allowed to make a box and send it in, or we will make bags during study hall next week if they do not want to make their own box at home.

Science: On Tuesday, we will have a test on Investigations 4 and 5 in our Forms of Energy Cell. Parents should have received an e-mail with a copy of the study guide. Students will have an opportunity to complete the study guide in class on Monday. I sent it early for those who would like to use it this weekend in preparation for the test. Next, we will begin our Ecosystems and Adaptations Cell!

Math: This week will be all about Measurement! We’ll add and subtract customary units, compare customary units of capacity using cups, pints, quarts, and gallons, and estimate and compare customary units of weight using ounces, pounds, and tons. We’ll end the week with a fun Valentine’s Day activity that ties it all together!

ELA: This will be our last week for completing notecards. Last week was tough because of all of the indoor recess and a missed special on Thursday. It’s hard to focus on those days when we just aren’t able to get the wiggles out as much! If I feel like your child is behind with their note card taking, I will let you know. I will stay in my classroom Tuesday afternoon until 4:15, Mrs. Rozier is in Treehouse Wednesday afternoon and they can work on notecards in Homework Help, or I am also working in Homework Help on Thursdays, and that’s another opportunity to work on note cards! Please make a Treehouse reservation if you choose to use Wednesday or Thursday. This week, we will turn our focus back to reading comprehension. We will read short passages that will help them monitor their own comprehension by keeping track of material by using specific strategies. We will use skimming, rereading, ask questions, take notes, and paraphrase together to monitor comprehension. Our spelling words directly correlate to the reading passages we’ll be using over the course of the week.

History: On Monday, students will take their U.S. Constitution Test. They have a study guide to help them narrow down the topics we’ve covered throughout the whole unit. Once we’ve tested, we’re going to start a project based on early United States presidents. Students will work in pairs to create a visual aid and present their findings to the class about the president they researched. Some examples are Washington, the Adams, and Hamilton. We will also start Daily Geography again this week, our focus is using road maps! We’ll use a bar scale and color-code interstate highways and U.S. highways. Great practice for using a scale, always a more challenging skill to master!