Weekly Update from Mrs. Pumphrey

Save the Date:
Fri., Feb. 14th- Valentine’s Day card exchange

Mon., Feb. 17th- President’s Day Holiday (No School)

Tues., Feb. 18th & Wed., Feb.19th- Parent/ Teacher Conferences

Important Notes:
Volunteer and Supplies Requests- if you are interested in helping or donating, please reply to all, so that we can keep track of who has volunteered. Thanks so much!
Our class needs more wipes
28 small water bottles for the Living Museum (2 per student)
1 container of hot chocolate from Duncan Donuts for the morning of Friday, Feb. 14th. Please be sure to get 14 cups.
1 box of 50 donut holes for the morning of Friday, Feb. 14th (Donut holes and hot chocolate will be served at snack which is 10:00)
Valentine plates and napkins
1 or 2 people to assist with student portfolios. Please check with me about dates and times. This will take a couple of hours.)

Living Museum Biography Book Report
Please save the date! Our Living Museum is scheduled for Friday, February 28th from 1:00-2:30 in the Multi Purpose room. All family and friends are invited.

Completed Report is due on Friday, February 14th. Consider having your child type the report. If turned in early, I can check it over, and your child can make corrections if needed. Please follow the rubric and refer to the packet sent home to assist your child.

Visual Display is due: Friday, February 21st. Please use a trifold. Displays must be able to stand on a table.
Valentine Exchange on February 14th from 2:30-3:00.
Our class will exchange Valentine’s at the end of the day on the 14th. We will not have a class party. Please make sure that your child has a Valentine for each student in our class.

What’s Going on in our Classroom:
Reading: We are beginning the book by Kate DiCamillo titled, The Tale of Despereaux. Independent book projects are on display in The Madison Cottage.

Spelling: Words are taken from The Tale of Despereaux and include: staring, indulge, weep, continues, humor, happened, flame, limits, dungeon, forgiveness, freedom, friendship, suffering, conversation, domain, prisoner, tablecloth, destined, and minstrels. Test on Friday.

Vocabulary: Unit #14 words are admirable, automatic, devotion, distant, dreary, exhaust, kindle, predict, separation, and stunt. Test Friday.

Math: We are working on long division. Please help your child master their multiplication and division facts.

Grammar: We are working on our study of adjectives

Writing: We are working on essays and paragraph writing in history.

Science: We are studying the skeletal and muscular systems. Science test on Tuesday, Feb. 11th over the skeletal system. Students are to use their green science spiral to help them prepare. They must be able to identify and label the bones listed in their spiral.

History: We are working on lessons and skits for ancient Rome. We are beginning lesson #5 in Ancient Rome.