Welcome to the Superkids Club

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Superkids Club!!

We have now joined the Superkids club! This week we focused on the letter B! Watch out because this letter is easily confused with the the letter D! The kiddos in our class have learned how to form the upper and lower case letter and have mastered the sound! Now that we have joined the club, the Superkids are working to solve a problem. They need to find a meeting place where they can meet safely whenever they want. Thank goodness for Gus and Gert who helped them discover an old bus! Stay tuned to find out what they do with their new meeting spot!

We have entered the world of subtraction in math this week. At first we were stumped, but we have now gotten the hang of it! I am proud to say that all of your children received a 100% on their test today! Keep up the hard work kiddos!

In Science this week, we headed to the lab to begin our new unit on measurement! We worked with rulers and meter sticks. The kids learned about centimeters and measured different objects around the science lab.

This week in Social Studies, we continued our lesson on Mount Rushmore and dove into learning about our very first president, George Washington. He started out as a surveyor since he excelled in math, and quickly moved into the role of a General in the army. Washington was known for his leadership skills and was well liked by the people. It’s no wonder why he was named the Father of our Country! After the lesson, the kids used all the letters from George Washington’s name to create words. I must say this was a difficult task, but they did really well!

Another great Fabulous Fun Friday was had today as we were able to go outside and experience some snow flurries! The class had so much fun and even tried to catch a few flakes in their mouths! Later on in the day we worked on decorating our Valentine’s boxes for next week! I can’t wait for you all to see their beautiful creations 🙂 To top off the day, Mrs. Siegleman hosted crepe day for us! In her country of Switzerland, they celebrate the Day of the Crepe to symbolize prosperity on the same day we celebrate Groundhog Day. Each child took a turn flipping a crepe in the pan while holding a coin for good luck! We even got to enjoy some delicious crepes afterward! It was such a fun experience!

One quick reminder:

If you haven’t already signed up for parent/teacher conferences, please be sure to do so on our sign up genius account. Looking forward to catching up with you all about your wonderful children!

Don’t forget the word of the week is: centimeter

With love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie