February, 9, 2020 Newsletter

Is it Winter or is it Spring?? I think Mother Nature is a little confused. We only spent one day playing outside on the playground last week and it looks like it won’t be much better this coming week! UGH! On a brighter note…. everyone has remained well….100% attendance last week!!!

In keeping with Winter, we focused on Polar animals. Arctic wolves, rabbits, polar bears and penguins. We made some pretty cool (pun) projects just the same Wait until you see the penguins stamped with an avocado! Ask your child to name a few Polar animals and why are most of them white. We learned a new word….camouflage.

We also covered letter F and made a frog from the letter. I found this really awesome book named, “Frogs.” It was filled with photos of frogs in action and colorful frogs from around the world. We will spend more time with frogs in the Spring when we learn about their life cycle.

How about those gumballs from the gumball machine? Does it bring back memories? The most exciting thing we did for letter G was to make goop! Check out the photos. We will cover letter H this coming week….H is for hearts.

Speaking of hearts, our Valentine’s Day Party is this Friday. Don’t forget to send in your child’s Valentines.

No school Feb. 17-19. Mon. Is President’s Day and Conference Days are Tues. and Wed..

Thank you to Mamta Chhabra for sitting in the Mystery Reader’s chair.
Thank you also to Mrs. Alger for that fantastic bulletin board displaying heart fish titled….”You’re a Catch”. Check out the photo below.

This Matters At Wood Acres.

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