Valentine’s Day at the Woods

Dear Parents!

Well it’s been another busy week in the books for us, especially with Valentine’s coming up!

We have jumped right into the Superkids club and have been working hard! The kids have noticed that their new books are a lot thicker than before and contain much more material. Now that the Superkids have decided on the bus as their meeting spot, they have worked hard to clean it up. Next up, decorating it! We have worked really hard on trying to master the letter b and not get it confused with d! This week we also met the letter R and practiced our new R words. Keep up the practicing kiddos! For the first time ever on our dictation this week, we had a sentence. Get ready because they will only get more challenging, but I know we are up for the task!

Subtraction has been our focus in Math for the week. Next week we will close it out with our chapter test on Friday. I have to say, it stumped us at first but we sure have gotten the hang of it. I sure am proud of your kids. It’s a tough task to have to learn plus, minus, and equals all in just a few weeks, but we did it!

We scurried to lab for Science this week to continue our measuring unit. The kids have learned centimeters and meters and have worked with rulers and meter sticks. We even measured the length of the Science lab using meter sticks. You’ll never guess how many meter sticks it took! If you guessed 12.45 meters you were right on it!

Thomas Jefferson was the Mount Rushmore president we focused on this week. Let’s give this third president of the United States and the main author of the Declaration of Independence a round of applause!  Did you all know that Jefferson created and constructed his beautiful home in Virginia, which he named Monticello or little mountain in Italian? Once we concluded the lesson on Jefferson, we worked to complete our Andy Warhol president Pop Art work. Stop by and check them out. The kids loved learning a little bit about Warhol’s iconic colorful creations!

To say Valentine’s Day was fun would be a complete understatement! We started off the day with an amazing snack of cheese, crackers, and fruit brought in by Aiden’s family! Thank you so much for filling our tummies with a healthy snack. Then we put the finishing touches on our love bugs, and decorated their little homes! Thank you to Ryan’s mom for providing the rocks for us! Once that was complete, we moved on to passing out our valentines to all of our friends. We were all showered with love and it felt so good! We concluded our day with delicious donuts from Dunkin Donuts brought in by Luke’s family! Thank you so much for the yummy donuts, you know we all enjoyed them! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous Valentine’s Day, you all certainly deserve it! Thank you again for the lovely valentines and candy. I sure did feel special today!

Looking forward to speaking with you all next week during conferences.

Have a wonderful weekend!
With love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie