5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of February 20th

Math: Please look for the unit test for chapter 6 in the previous Friday Folder, and return the signed test on Thursday. This week, we will learn how to calculate the probability of an event occurring as we engage in fun probability experiments. Students will also learn how to create tree diagrams to determine the probability of events. They will use this knowledge the following week as they study the differences between independent and dependent events.

ELA: We had fun exploring the meaning of new words with a special valentine activity last Friday. We will continue to work with these new words over the next week, so hold on to that definition sheet we created! On Wednesday, February 26th, students will take our first Daily Paragraph Editing Test. Students should use previously graded sheets as a reference for studying. We are off to a strong start with our outlines for our research paper. We will continue to build our outlines this week as we wrap up the General Information section.

Science: We are finishing our Earth’s Forces Cell. On Thursday, students will complete a study guide, which we will review on Friday. We will play a class review game on Monday, and our unit test will be on Tuesday, February 25th. Again, students should be reviewing their flashcards 10-15 minutes daily.

History: We will continue our Maya, Inca, Aztec Group projects this week. On Friday, students used a group participation rubric to observe characteristics within themselves and others to grade their contribution, listening skills, focus, and preparedness. Students should be prepared to turn in all homework assignments related to their group project on Friday! It’s worth a double check to make sure it’s all done over these two days!

Other: On Friday, we will begin Leadership Lite! This class will give students a taste of our Leadership 101 class that is offered in sixth grade! Led by Mrs. Mazor, students will learn how to incorporate valuable study and social skills that will make their transition into Upper School a successful one!

Thank you for returning field trip forms. This gives me time to communicate with the staff about dietary restrictions and create a medical information sheet for myself. If you plan on sending medication with your child that was not listed on the forms, please let me know right away! This will help me out tremendously as I make a reference sheet for myself.

Week at a Glance:
Thursday, Feb 20th- Return signed math test
Friday, Feb 21st- Leadership Lite
Tuesday, Feb 25th- Earth’s Forces test
Wednesday, Feb 26th- Daily Paragraph Editing test