4th Grade Weekly Update Week of February 17th

History: We will continue our group early president projects this week. Student chose their presidents and are in the researching phase of the assignment. They will then prepare poster boards to present their material to their other classmates.

ELA: We have finished note cards!!!!! We will move on to rough drafts after this short week. Instead, this week we will work through a Reader’s Theater: An Intruder in Hare’s House. Students will practice their reading fluency skills, learn knew vocabulary terms, and complete some reading comprehension questions that go along with the material.

Math: This week is all about measuring with metric measurements and renaming units to compare millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters, and kilometers. The following Monday, students will take a quiz that assesses their knowledge of customary units of measure. Students have a bright green sheet in their math section of their binder that will help them remember these equivalent measurements! (For example: how many inches in a yard, feet in a mile, pints in a quart, etc.)

Science: Last week, we concluded our unit on Forms of Energy and students completed the test for Investigation Four and Five. The graded tests will be sent home in Friday Folders. This week, we will begin the Ecosystems and Adaptations Cell. On Friday, students completed an Internet scavenger hunt to introduce them to food chains and food webs. We will continue to explore these concepts in Investigation One as students identify the various roles in a food web, including producers and consumers.