4th Grade Weekly Update Week of February 24th

ELA: We will start writing rough drafts this week for our research paper. We will focus on the first two sections: the introduction paragraph and the geography paragraph. Each paragraph will be modeled for the whole group, and then students will individually create their rough draft paragraph. After each paragraph, I will conference with them to iron out any errors and make sure all research is included. In Daily Reading Comprehension this week, we will use the “make connections” strategy to help students put what they are reading into context by helping them see the connections between the text and themselves, the world around them, and other things they have read or seen.

History: Students will finish up any research they did not finish at the end of last week and start creating their posters to present to the class about our early presidents. In Daily Geography, we’ll look at a special political map of the Appalachian Trail. We’ll talk about the differences between footpaths, routes, and trails. We’ll use information from the inset map to help us figure out which states are included and what hikers might encounter on the trail. Please let me know if you know anyone who has hiked their trail and would like to share information or pictures regarding their experience!

Math: On Monday, students will have their customary units of measurement quiz. They have a green sheet in their binders to use as a study tool. Throughout the week, we will continue with metric units of capacity and metric units of mass. We will have a workbook quiz that will pull questions directly from workbook pages 71-79 on Thursday. We will end the week looking at temperature using thermometers, comparing Celsius to Fahrenheit, and practicing problem solving using measurements.

Science: In lab, students are learning about food chains and food webs. They will learn that food webs consists of different levels of organisms that all contribute to the total biomass of an ecosystem. In our next Investigation, we will introduce the concept of adaptation.