February 25th GAZETTE

We love being part of the Club! Today, we had our B-R World List Test. The children were all ready for it! This week, we will start the N-M Book. In this book the Superkids will start to get their club organized. They will need a boss and their boss will be called the “Supernoodle”. In this book, we will learn about multiple meaning words such as stand, bat, duck etc… We also will be introduced to synonyms and antonyms. Please keep reading everyday with your child.

Today we started Chapter 9. The next few weeks, we will be counting pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. At the beginning, we will learn to recognize them. The children will have their own wallet and coins. We have many hands-on activities planned. The children will even be able to shop in “Mrs. Siegelman and Ms. Kathie’s Boutique” as early as tomorrow.
MATH TEST: Tuesday March 17th.
For extra practice you can go on-line at www.sadlier-oxford.com

SOCIAL STUDIES: Learning about Mount Rushmore and the characters of these four Presidents has been great. Last week we learned about Thomas Jefferson. We talked about his childhood, his love of learning and his famous home, Monticello. Did you know President Jefferson invented a special machine for his two parlors in Monticello? When he opened one door, the other opened automatically. He also invented a bed that opened in his bedroom and his study. We even found his silhouette on the nickel and recognized Monticello on the tail side.
Tomorrow, we will get to know Theodor Roosevelt. This President loved nature so much he passed a law to protect forests. He even created National Parks. We also discovered as well, the reason why a toymaker gave stuffed bears the name of Teddy Bears in honor of President Roosevelt. Ask your little one why, I am sure you will get the correct answer. The children continue to love having their own Mount Wood Acres in the room!

IMPORTANT DATES: ~Friday, March 6th at 8:45am is DONUTS FOR DADS. We are all getting very excited for this great event and are working on a few surprises for them. Please come hungry! The event will end around 9:30am. NO SNACK NEEDED.