Rain Rain Go Away!

Thank you to those who had met with me last week for Parent/Teacher conferences. It was a pleasure to see you again. I am sorry for those who missed their time but I look forward to catching up with you this week. We would also like to thank Mrs. Greene and Mrs. Denius for volunteering for our Valentine’s Day party. It was a big success and the children felt the LOVE in the air.

As we enter the last week in February, we will be focusing on letters I and J and the theme for this week is healthy habits. We will take a nature walk around our beautiful campus to observe insects (weather permitted) and we will also make delicious ice cream from scratch on Friday. For the J, we will make jam on Thursday and utilize our mobility to do jumping jacks. How any can YOU do?..
For creative art, we will make a Independents day and jellyfish project using glue sticks, paint, and glitter.

Investigator Club;
Phonology Awareness: “Listen to Syllables”

Objective is to hear discrimination separate syllables in words.

Oral Language: “Dilly and The Investigator Club”

Objective to listen and understand conversations.

Alphabet knowledge: “Letter Game”

Objective is to know that the letters of the alphabet are a special category of visual graphics.

Social and Emotional: “I Can Think for Myself”

Mark your calendar;

Fun Friday is: Sports day! Wear your favorite sports team hat/shirt to school.

We would like to welcome Jasper’s grandmother as our mystery reader. We look forward to having her as part of our Fun Friday and as well as listening to some of Jasper’s favorite books.

Lee Bryan “That Puppet Guy” will present “Traveling Tales” on February 25th.

February 26th Mrs. Judy who works in the dentistry field in our community will be visiting us to talk about ways we can do you keep our teeth health

Summer is shortly upon us. If you haven’t had the chance to check out our camp, please do so. Spots are filling up fast and I know this year our camp is set up to be a magical one! If you have any questions about summer camp, please address it to the main office. They would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We want to wish Ryan a very Happy 4th Birthday!

Have a great week,
Ms. Orasno & Mrs. Thomas