4th Grade Weekly Update Week of March 2-6

ELA: We will not have a spelling list this week, due to Book Report Presentations on Friday. Please wait and send in all materials on Thursday, as we are limited on space because of our president posters. We will continue working on our research paper by conferencing on the economy section early in the week, followed by an introduction to the government section and editing. In grammar this week, we will touch on some commonly misused words like two, too, and too/it’s and its/they’re, there, and their/you’re and your.

Math: We will review temperature measurements from Friday on Monday, and then begin center rotations that practice different skills with time. Our centers will focus on reading an analog clock, equivalent units of time, elapsed time, elapsed time on a calendar, and renaming units of time. We will then finish our last two problem solving lessons at the end of the week. A test will take place the following week, with plenty of time for review beforehand.

History: Groups have worked very hard to complete their early president posters. We will present this week and then begin an independent study on African Kingdoms. It is a short unit that has questions and activities that follow the lessons.

Science: Last week, we wrapped up our exploration of food webs, and we will begin Investigation Two on Monday. Within Investigation Two, students perform experiments that introduce them to the concept of adaptation to an ecosystem. They discover that certain types of structures are more suited for one ecosystem than another; therefore, one might expect that plants and animals living in specific ecosystems may have similar structural adaptations for their survival. The graded summary sheet for Investigation One will be in the next Friday Folder.