5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of March 2nd

Math: Last week, students created a variety of new graphs. We measured our heights in inches and created histograms. We took a look at these crazy February temperatures as we created box-and-whisker plots. We learned how a stem-and-leaf plot can help us organize grades from a math test, and we created fun line plots of the heights of snowmen that are on display in the class! This week, students will learn how their knowledge of fractions helps in interpreting circle graphs, and we will sharpen our problem-solving skills. The unit test will be on Monday, March 9th.

ELA: We are almost finished with our outlines! Woohoo! I’m so proud of the effort each student has put forth in creating these outlines! This week, we will begin writing. Students will write each section of his or her paper by hand. After each section, he or she will have an opportunity to conference with me and make changes. Then, he or she will type that section before moving on to the next section. Students are excited to share what they learned through the research paper with a fun trivia game. We will invite parents to join us as we break into teams and compete against one another using trivia questions students have created. I will update you soon with details, so you can mark your calendars!

On Monday, students will take the Watson’s Go to Birmingham comprehension quiz for chapters 8-12. The figurative language packet is due the same day. This week, we will read the final chapters together in class. Students will also receive a study guide to use in preparation of the test, which will be Friday, March 13th. The test will include an essay question. The question is included on the study guide, so students will have plenty of time to practice their response before the test.

Science: The Earth’s Forces unit test was in Friday Folders. Students were allowed to make corrections for partial credit back on the multiple choice questions and formulas. However, they were not allowed to make corrections to the short response questions since students were given those questions beforehand to practice. Please sign and return the tests on Monday. Our next unit of study will be the Exploring Density Cell. For those looking for a way to boost their science grade, students will be given an extra credit opportunity of building a density tower at home to share with others! This week, we will watch a video that tells more, and I will send home additional information about this optional assignment.

History: We will finish up our Ancient Civilizations unit this week with presentations on Tuesday. Students should be prepared to bring in their costume piece or artifact with the coordinating paragraph on the day of the presentation at the latest. After we wrap up presentations, we will start our next unit, The Renaissance, on Thursday! My favorite! We’ll watch a short preview video to preview what the unit is all about and learn some new vocabulary to help with understanding throughout the unit. Finally, on Friday, we’ll look at Desiderius Erasmus’s journey to be a scholar during the Renaissance era, information about why the Renaissance started in Italy, and the importance of the printing press in 1450 by Johannes Gutenberg.

Other: On Wednesday, our book buddies invited us to join them for a special Dr. Seuss breakfast of green eggs and ham! This is a fun tradition that students always remember!

On Friday, you should have received an e-mail from Nicole sharing a statement from the Georgia Department of Public Health. In our class, we are doing everything we can to minimize the spreading of germs. Students are required to wash hands upon entering the classroom and before eating. We are wiping down our desks, door handles, faucet handles, water fountain, and every other space you can think of twice a day. Therefore, if you are able to donate Lysol wipes, that would be greatly appreciated!

Week at a Glance:
Monday: WGTB Ch 8-12 quiz and packet due; Return signed Earth’s Forces test
Tuesday: History presentations
Wednesday: Dr. Seuss Breakfast