March 7, 2020 Newsletter

Here comes the sun! Even though we couldn’t go out on the playground Friday, it was still nice to see the sunshine. The P.E. room has been our saving grace because we can use it for games and balls since there are no P.E. classes on Wednesdays and Fridays. Hopefully, this week will get some playground time. Fingers crossed!!

Thank you for sharing your Dr. Seuss books with our class. Theodore Seuss Geisel was a master of rhyming words even if he had to make up words so they rhymed. We learned some rhyming word families this week. How many words can your child rhyme with cat? Have fun with other words that rhyme too. Dr. Seuss also taught us through, “Green Eggs and Ham,” to taste foods before we say we don’t like them. Whenever I hear at lunch time, “I don’t like it,” I remind them of Sam I Am. This encourages them to at least taste it and sometimes they actually like it!! It was a funny day on Wednesday when the class dressed in wacky clothes and hairstyles. They heard the story, “Wacky Wednesday.” See the photo below.

Moving on to the alphabet and letter K, we had a fun time playing kangaroos looking for little joeys. The children wore pouches around their waist. I hid some joeys labeled with different letters and the boys and girls had to collect only the joeys with letter K on them. I posted some pictures of a few kangaroos playing the game.

A huge thank you to Inga Raz, aka Knuffle Bunny, who was our Mystery Reader and brought delicious bunny cupcakes for a treat!! See pictures.

Next week, it’s on to letters L & M, opposites and rainbows. Also, the Book Fair opens on Monday. We will write down your child’s favorite books from the fair and send the list home. This way you will be able to surprise them with the ones they picked out.

Don’t forget to set your clocks to Spring Forward!!

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