Colors here, colors there, colors are everywhere!

Wood Acres Parents,

We have completed another groovy week at the WA! Mrs. Patel and I are enjoying your amazing children and are learning something new about them each day.
This week we will meet Dilly Gator who is a part of our Investigator Club reading series. Dilly Gator is known for starting the club so that she and her friends could solve problems and explore together.

This week our theme is “Colors”. The children will be working together on mixing two colors to create one through painting. We will play “I Spy” color game and sort colors by using color counting bears. We will read “Go away Big Green Monster”, “Pinkalicious”, “Purplicious” and “Gilbert the Orange Fish”. What a bright and colorful week it’s going to be with your little ones!

In the Investigator Club, we will be working on the following subjects;
: Art – Art clues
The objective is to understand and share opinions about artistic products and experiences.
: Math/readiness – All Sorts of Colors
The objective is to identify primary colors, mix colors and participate in an investigation, think about it, and discuss what happened.
: Alphabet Knowledge – Dilly’s Alphabet song
The objective is to recite letters of the alphabet.
: Phonological Awareness – Environmental Sounds
The objective is to identify environmental sounds.
: Language/Social and Emotional – Introduce the Lap book: Dilly and the Investigator Club
The objective is to share and take turns listening and speaking.

Friendly reminder;

Parent orientation is this Tuesday at 6:30 pm. Please copy and paste the link into your search bar. This link below will give you access directly to our orientation night. We have also provided you with a meeting ID number and password incase you may need it use it.

Meeting ID: 758 1373 7182 Passcode: 8msEkW

If you have any question or concerns please feel free to reach out to me or Mrs. Patel. We look forward to seeing you at orientation. Have a safe and healthy week.

Ms. Orsano & Mrs. Patel