Week 4 Update

Hello from Mrs. Leagan.

My school week is just about over and my holiday weekend will begin in just a few minutes. This morning, I spent time grading the pop quizzes and assessments that your student took yesterday, and I can say that practicing, listening, and paying attention does make progress. I am very happy and proud of all that my students achieved this past week and I am looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen in the weeks to come.

On Tuesday, we are welcoming Colette Clemmons and Paige Shaver to our 2nd grade class. All of us are very excited to have new friends join us. Please make sure you find the new class list in your student’s red homework folder so you can contact our classmates whenever needed.

Please note that Parent-Teacher Conferences are Monday, September 28 and Tuesday, September 29.  I would love to talk in person but that is not an option right now. However, we can Zoom together or talk on the phone one of these two days or when your schedule allows about half an hour or so to chat about your awesome student. Please let me know when and how you would like to talk about your student’s progress in 2nd grade. Thank you.

That’s all for now. My family is waiting for me so I will see your student Tuesday morning. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

Yours truly,
Mrs. Leagan
2nd grade teacher