Safe Return to School

A year ago, The Wood Acres School started the year by celebrating our 50th anniversary of educating students in our community with grand fanfare and pride. As we closed that milestone year, our world looked very different, but the goals and vision that carried us through these important years remained the same. We quickly comprised our plan for the safe return of our students because we value the work we do each day with students and all of the magical moments that are a part of teaching and learning together.

Our spacious nine acre campus, abundant cottages housing classrooms, facility improvements and PPE purchases, dedicated faculty, and supportive families allowed us to easily follow the guidelines from the CDC and GA department of Public Health regarding the safe reopening of schools.
Starting on our first day of school as usual (August 10 for K-8th) and (August 17 for 2s-4s) we welcomed legacy and new students and families who share our vision. We purchased PPE for all students and faculty and required the wearing of masks when on our campus. We updated our HVAC systems with special filtration to ensure that students, teachers, and staff are breathing clean and fresh air. Regular electrostatic spraying, deep cleaning and sanitizing is also part of our effort in keeping areas clean and
germ free.

We required a signed Parent Partnership Agreement from our families to commit to keeping our community safe and healthy. Families must follow our protocols and make sure activities outside of school align with our goals of keeping everyone safe and healthy at school. We placed students in classes of no more than 13 and one teacher to maximize opportunities for
distancing. This class remains together for the entire day and in one shared space. Specialist area teachers (Art, Music, STEM, Technology, PE) work with just a few classes at a time in the students’ space each day for three weeks before moving on to another cohort in our Early (2s-4s) and Grammar Schools (K-5). This allows for students to explore these enrichment areas while still following guidelines. Students also receive Spanish instruction as we are an International Spanish Academy and everyone enjoys a minimum of 30 minutes of recess each day.

Our Upper School Students (6-8) follow a block schedule which allows them to delve deeper into subject matter (Spanish, English Studies, History Geography and Culture, Science) and limit their time in transitioning between classes this year. The one non-negotiable: math. Math instruction is always each day. They complete their electives (Technology, Leadership, Art, and Music History) virtually (except for Physical Education which is face to face). Students in grades 4th-8th use laptops assigned to them for the
school year as a tool for research, word processing, and to extend daily lessons. Students in lower grades still use purposeful technology on a rotating schedule.

As we look to the 2021-22 admissions season, we have noticed an interest in all grades and programs by families who are looking for academic excellence and a commitment to an affordable private school experience in a beautiful environment with dedicated faculty. We are offering tours by appointment by emailing We have Open Houses by appointment on November 8 and January 24. Check out visit page to register. Come see why The Wood Acres School has done an
excellent job in educating children in our community for over 50 years and be a part of our lasting legacy.