A year for health, hope and happiness

If you know me at all, you know how I love quotes, especially ones that capture the moment, the time during which you found it.  This one by “Anonymous” has been with me for decades, having hung in my home office, my school office and even on my washer at home.

“Education is not preparation for life.  Education is life!”

Interpreted many ways, it certainly fits the unprecedented times in which we have been living the last few years.  There has been no rulebook to guide us or conflicting sources to inform us.  Yet in this special enclave called Wood Acres we have adeptly managed to live up to the quote and even soar in our united ability of faculty, staff, and families to stay true to education and continued life for our students.  It has been no small task.  It has been fraught with worry and challenges.  Yet here we are…embracing our students learning each and every day while challenging them to grow and glow in spite of the world around them!  Well done one and all.

Let us to continue to proactively plan for their futures, live for the present moments that make us so proud, and hope fervently for a healthier, happier, safer tomorrow for everyone!

Judy Thigpen