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Happy Friday and Happy March!

We were busy busy bees this week! Not only did we start a new story in our Happily Ever After program, but we also celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday, did science experiments, decorated for March with some St. Patrick’s Day decor and finished a math unit all the while learning about the letter V!

This weeks new story is called Peter and the Wolf and the kids did an awesome job at answering all the comprehension questions at the end! We had 100% participation from all the students! We will continue to work with this story for the next two weeks and will go further into exploring this story.

Our letter this week was “V” and we were able to come up with 35 V words! We made vases with flowers, volcano’s with puffy paint (shaving cream and glue) and ended our week by making an instant volcano out of vinegar, baking soda and red food dye! It was a blast (no pun intended)! I sent home the directions in their blue folders today letting you know how you can make it at home too!

We ended every day this week reading a Dr. Seuss’s book to celebrate his birthday! We even water-colored some socks to go along with the Dr. Seuss book “Fox in Socks”.

Next week we will work with the letter “Z”!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Valentines Week!

Happy Friday everyone! The kids had a really fun week exchanging valentines, playing bingo and meeting with their book buddies to exchange valentines!

In Happily Ever After, we started a new story “The Tug of War”. It is a story about a clever turtle, tricking an elephant and hippo into thinking that he is stronger than them. Feel free to ask your child about the story!

Our letter this week was W and “WOW” did we find a lot of W words! We ended our week with 75 words on our board! We made a walrus flip book, a windmill ( this is be displayed in our room) and we did lots of watercoloring!

We did lots and lots of math this week, focusing on shorter, taller, longer, smaller, heavier and lighter. One of our activities this week was giving your child an object (i.e a marker) and telling them to find either something that is heavier or lighter than the marker. They did a great job finding different objects all through the classroom! This would be an easy one to do at home too! They really loved playing this game!

A few reminders for the upcoming week:
2/18: No School- Presidents Day
2/19, 2/20: No School- Parent Conferences

*If you do not remember the time we scheduled or if something has come up where you won’t be able to attend, please let me know! I will be more than happy to tell you your scheduled time/ reschedule for you!

I hope you all have a great long weekend and I will see you all next week for conferences!!

Crazy, fun week!

What a crazy crazy week we’ve had! From having a snow day on Tuesday, celebrating the 100th day of school on Thursday and then Mad about Mittens on Friday, we were able to pack it all in while still learning about our letter U!

This week we made upside- umbrellas, underlife sea-life and underwater coloring sheets! Next week, we move to the letter H. We also move onto our next story next week, The Tug of War!

We also celebrated the 100th day of school this week! Yes, 100 days- it really has flown by! We had such a fun time making our crowns, giving out certificates, making lists of 100 things that we would love to have and 100 things we would not love!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the donations of the mittens! They will be donated to must-ministries this weekend. The kids loved having you all here to complete all the fun activities that you can do with mittens. They couldn’t stop talking about it!

To end this crazy, fun week, we broke out the shaving cream and played it, making shapes, writing our names and just being silly. Lots of the kids were saying “This was the best day ever and we didn’t even play!!”. It warms my heart knowing they all had such a great day!

Please be on the lookout next week for conference papers going home. That’s right- it is already that time of year again. Conferences will be held 2/19 and 2/20.

As always, thank you for participating in our class and we hope you have a great weekend!!

Open House Reminder

Good Morning everyone and Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to send a quick reminder that Open House will be THIS SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 2019 from 2-4!

This is a great opportunity to check out the Kindergarten classrooms and teachers! Even if you are leaning towards public school, I still encourage all to come and meet the teachers! As you all know, I spent my first two years here at Wood Acres in the Kindergarten classrooms and I absolutely loved my time in there. Come and learn about the curriculum and about their reading program, The Superkids! It is such a great program for the kids to learn about reading in an interactive and fun way!

I hope to see you all on Sunday!!

Fun Filled Friday!

Happy Friday to all! We had a fun filled day with a mystery reader to start our day and a birthday celebration to end our day!

This week we continued with our Nightingale story and worksheets focusing on words like first, night and last. We will be finishing up this story next week and moving on to our next until the first week of February!

Our letter this week was J! We had a fun time making jellyfish and jellybean jars! I loved having all the kids think of “J” words all week long and some even brought in a list of words from home! Next week we will move onto the letter “K”!

We continued with math this week focusing on AB patterns. First we worked with cubed blocks and then we moved onto a fun game of number hopscotch where the kids were able to come up with there own number AB pattern! We will continue working with patterns!

Please be on the lookout for an email from the school about openings in our afterschool clubs! Bach to Rock is still open (Thursdays 3-4).

I am still missing quite a few Mad About Mittens RSVPs. Please get those to me ASAP so we know how many special treats to get!!

Finally, there will be NO SCHOOL on MONDAY, JANUARY 21 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Wacky Weather Week

Happy Friday and first full week back to school!

This week we started not only a new letter but also a new story! The story that we will be focusing on for the next few weeks is called a “The Nightingale”. It is a story of a bird, Nightingale and an emperor who needs to the bird to sing him to sleep. The kids have enjoyed listening to the story and seeing the pages in their own book.

We had lots of fun this week with the letter N! Our board was full of n words with the students running to me all through the week eager to add more to the list! We made ninja turtles and the night sky this week! The kids did an awesome job cutting everything out themselves. They have been doing such a great job with coloring, cutting and gluing!

Next week we will dive back into our next chapter in math, Patterns Plus!

Please be on the lookout for important forms going home today (Friday) in your child’s folder.
On Friday, February 1, 2019, we will be having Mad about Mittens Day. It is a fun filled hour where a family member and your child will complete math, coloring and literacy activities involving mittens. We ask for a donation of at least a pair of mittens where we then donate them to Must Ministry. It is a fun filled hour that also involved cookies and chocolate milk! Please mark your calendars!

A brochure of new after school programs for the spring is also being sent home. Please look it over and sign your kids up as those spots fill up quickly!

Lastly, one of the awesome kindergarten classes are asking for gallon clear milk jugs! They would love to build an igloo out of the milk jugs and make it into a reading nook for their class. If you are able, please send any milk jugs into school with your student and I will make sure that they get to where they need to go.

Thanks so much everyone! Have a great weekend!!

Scientific, Fabulous, Friday!

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing well on this rainy Friday afternoon!

This week we have been focusing a lot on our color words, math and writing names. After a quick assessment today, I am happy to say almost the whole class knows their color words (meaning that they can read the word and tell me what color it is!).

We worked a lot with shapes this week, continuing with playing math games, counting sides of shapes and putting shapes back together in a puzzle format. By the end of next week, we should be completed with Unit 2 and when we come back in the New Year, we will be moving on to Until 3! Time is surely flying by now!

We are continuing on with our Jingles, Poems & Rhymes unit in Happily Ever After. We have been working hard with deciding if certain sounds come BEFORE or AFTER each other. This is a great game to play on the go. You can simply clap and then snap, or any combination you would like and then you can ask your child if you clapped before you snapped or after.

We have been diligent on writing our names on our papers this week. Whenever we had free time, I took kids with me to practice their names one on one. They love writing with markers on my dry erase board!
We had such a great day today in the science lab experimenting with candy canes! We put four separate candy canes in a cup of oil, vinegar, water and soda. The kids watched with excitement to see which ones would dissolve and which would stay perfectly the same. Make sure to ask your child what our results were!

Next week is our last week before vacation! I can’t believe this calendar year is already coming to an end. Make sure to send in those folders and bags next week as we will be doing some “spring” cleaning in our room and making the room ready for vacation!

We will be having a PJ day on the last day of school next week! Let’s end our week with some cheer, comfy clothes and maybe, just maybe a dance party!!

Treehouse will be closing early on Monday, December 17th at 5:00pm due to a staff holiday party.
NO treehouse Thursday, December 20th– Early dismissal at 1 pm.

Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend!!

Perfect Week!

Happy Friday!

As we wrap up another week, we find ourselves another week closer to not only winter break but also the new year!

This week I challenged the kids to come up with 50 words that start with P; they blew that number away and we ended up getting 105 words to fill the board! Along with our list of P words, we did Plenty of puzzles, playing and practicing our “P” sounds! We made some paper plate penguins, a gingerbread puzzle and a regular puzzle, putting our skills to the test!

Instead of glue this week, we did some practice with tape! We used our fine motor skills and pincher fingers and put together our paper plate penguins with just tape! The kids had fun trying to stick everything together and figuring out where to put the tape.

We spent the week playing a fun math game where the kids had to find a certain shape in a big bag by only feeling and counting the corners! We will continue next week by adding more shapes to our bag!

Next week will be finishing up our Happily Ever After Unit of Jingles, Poems and Rhymes and will continue once we come back in the new year!

A few reminders:
12/13: Chrome Concert
12/17: Treehouse will be closing at 5 due to a staff holiday party.
12/20: Early dismissal- 1 pm.. There will be NO TREEHOUSE
12/20: Class PJ day!

Goodbye November and Hello December!

I hope everyone had a great break and a Happy Thanksgiving! I am so proud of all the children and how well the Thanksgiving Feast came together! They really did do a fantastic job! And thank you, to YOU for providing the food and drinks for our feast!

With Thanksgiving behind us, we look forward to celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas. We are already decorating at our classroom with wreaths, tree’s, dreidels, menorahs and ornaments. If you or your family celebrate something else during this time, please send me an email and I would love to celebrate that as well!

We are officially in unit two for our math! We started this week with reading the math story “The Tree’s of Mrs. McGee”. The story was about a women, Mrs. McGee who found mystery seeds in her yard. When she planted the seeds, they turned into trees with different shaped leaves such as circles, squares, rectangles and squares. We will be in this unit until winter break. We will be learning all about shapes and their sizes and their sides. It should be a fun unit for the kids!

We also started a new story in our Happily Ever After Program, “Jingles, Poems, and Rhymes”. This story is actually a combination of nursery rhymes, songs and jingles. The kids enjoyed listening to the multiple stories and songs and like having a chance at coming up with their own rhyming words.

Our focus letter this week was the letter “C”. The letter bag has been making its round again, so please keep an eye for it! Next week, we will focus on the letter P!

As a reminder, please make sure to be checking the snack calendar for when your child’s snack day is. A few times this month we have had people forget it was their snack day resulting in us going into our extra snack bin. Because of this, we have had to go out and buy additional snack for the bin. Please remember to check the calendar or to email me if you misplaced it.

That is it for now! Have a great weekend and see you all Monday!

A Sensational Week

Another great week is in the books! This week we continued with our story “La Tortuga” and listened to hear echos, soft voices and loud voices. The kids enjoyed echoing back to me and listening for what sounds I would do next! Our letter this week was “S”! The kids were able to come up a lot of S words to fill up our board! We mad Sammy, the six spotted snake, silly rabbits and sunflowers! Next week we move on to the letter F!

Numbers, numbers, numbers! We finished up our numbers 1-10 by making our very own number book! The students are able to identify numbers 1-10 and counting on! If you have a calendar handy, a fun game we play in class is having the kids find a number on the calendar! With the conclusion of our numbers 1-10, we started our numbers 11-20. We sat in a circle on the floor and passed a ball around to each other and counted up to 20 and also played the calendar game. This is a skill that we will be working on for the next few weeks!

Halloween is right around the corner and we are looking forward to our Halloween Party on Wednesday, October 31! Earlier this week a notice went home explaining our guidelines of no masks or accessories and making sure the costume is potty friendly. We will also be treat or treating around the school on Halloween! Please send to school 15 pieces of candy by Wednesday October 24th in a plastic bag. Please NO PEANUTS.

We had a fun filled day with a mystery reader this morning and meeting up with our book buddies this afternoon decorating spooky Halloween cookies. Afterwards, our book buddies sat and read stories to us! What a fun day!

Today is the last day for the book fair! Make sure to head on over before 4 pm today to take a look around and grab some new books! Please remember with the change of the season and with fall weather finally upon, please send to school sweatshirts and coats for the little ones. With our recess time so early, it is still pretty brisk outside. Without proper clothing, we won’t be able to bring your child out to recess.
Because of how great the kids did on Friday, I am making Monday, October 22 show and tell day! Please have your child bring in a show and tell to share with the class!
That’s all for now! As always, feel free to email me or call with any questions or concerns you may have!
Have a fabulous weekend!

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