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Back to School in August

Dear Families,

I am excited to send you this digital welcome to our Wood Acres website, parent portal, and our class’s very own page! Communication is key for a successful school year and this page will provide you with another easy way to be “in the know” about the happenings @ the Woods, especially in our class. Visit it often and let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Autumn is an amazing season at Wood Acres as the changing colors never disappoint. Yes, it also brings shorter days and chillier weather, but we still pack lots of learning –inside and out- into each day.

I will send out a conference signup through Shutterfly shortly. If you have not logged on to Shutterfly yet, now is the time. I will also set up the Superkids home program so you and your child can read, play games, or print ‘home printables.’

During our conferences, we will discuss upcoming projects and questions you may have so far. As I mentioned at our Parent Orientation Meeting, we will casually walk through and discuss the report card as well.

We plan to meet with our book buddies for the first time this Friday. They will be creating a mystery apple with their buddy, for the class to guess which one is there’s.

Our first big gathering and event will be Constitution Day. More details will follow closer we get to the event…all students will receive a Wood Acres Constitution Day shirt to wear for the day!

Thank you for coming to our Parent Orientation Meeting last night. It was wonderful seeing everyone and having an opportunity to chat with a few who stayed. As always, if you have questions…do not hesitate to ask.

Have a great day.



It’s time to begin a new school year. Whether you are a new family or a legacy one, we warmly welcome you to this special community that is Wood Acres. You are an important part of our 50th school year and we cannot wait to celebrate with you!

This blog is where you will find all kinds of information from your teachers and we hope you will visit it often.

Please mark your calendars for these important upcoming dates:
• School Forms Due – Thursday, August 1
Student Profile 2019-2020
Tree House Parent School Agreement 2019-2020
Publicity Release 2019-2020
Authorization for Medication (If applicable) 2019-2020
Updated Immunization Form (Form 3231 from your doctor)

• Meet and Greet – Sunday, August 11
Drop in anytime from 2 – 4 pm.
Visit your child’s classroom, meet the teachers, collect supplies, and stop by the office to say hello.
Purchase ice cream, water, and spirit wear under the portico by the main office to raise money for the 8th grade capstone Spain adventure. Don’t miss it!

• First Day of School – Monday, August 12
Car lines open at the following times and our wonderful teaching assistants will help your children from the car and into the classroom.
 Kindergarten – 8:35 am
 1st – 3rd grade – 8:20 am
 4th grade – 8:20 am
 5th grade – 7:45 am
Please drop off 4th and 5th graders in front of the main office so that a member of our office team may great them as they make their way to Turner Hall. This is an important year for growing independence and we want to work with you to support that independence in your children.

We are happy for you to walk your child to his/her classroom on the first day. Please keep in mind that it important to be consistent with your drop off routine.

Morning Tree House is available at 7:00 am on the first day if you have pre-registered. You will need to walk your child inside to attend Tree House. Tree House will be located in the Few Cottage.

• 3rd – 5th grade Parent Orientation Meeting – Thursday, August 22
7:00 – 8:00 pm
Parent night is a night for parents to learn more about curriculum, ask questions, and sign up to volunteer.

• K – 2nd grade Parent Orientation Meeting – Tuesday, August 27
7:00 – 8:00 pm
Parent night is a night for parents to learn more about curriculum, ask questions, and sign up to volunteer.

Thank you for your attention to all of this and for choosing Wood Acres as your child’s academic home.

We are so glad you are here and we look forward to seeing you soon!

End of year dates

Happy almost weekend and Happy almost Mother’s Day!

Last Friday we sent all the Mother’s Day crafts home. One is breakable (and should not be washed or put in the dishwasher) so please handle with care. Without saying too much, we hope you enjoy your gifts.

Here are the last important dates of the school year…12 days left!

13th: 4th quarter book report and project are due, please use the book report form that was sent home weeks ago.

17th: All Footprints should be handed in; a sticky note was attached in homework folders today for those that still needed to complete theirs.

**CHANGE: 17th: Bratcher Parent breakfast and performance. 20th: Sullivano Parent breakfast and performance. Both events will take place first thing in the morning, from 8:30-9:30. Students should be dropped off in the classroom at 8:20. They should wear nice dress clothes (which they can change out of following our performance.) Please, no athletic shorts or sweat pants, this is our end of year class performance and we would love for them to dress nicely. Thank you.

23rd: End of year party (a separate email will be sent with details) and last day for backpacks. All materials and supplies will come home this day.

24th: last day of school, half day. Must pick up between 12:30-1:00.

You will receive a formal invitation to the parent breakfast and performance later this week via your child’s Friday folder.

PLEASE let us know how many family members plan to attend the breakfast and performance since we are purchasing the food. We want to make sure we have enough for everyone including the kids. Thank you for getting back to us quickly with the count. Please email your homeroom teacher your RSVP count.

Next week will be the last week of spelling, math timed test, and homework. We will also finish up Superkids by the end of the week and will take our end of level test Wednesday. We also plan to finish our math unit on double-digit subtraction without carrying and some geometry next week.

ALL library books will be returned this Friday (10th). We will not check out any books for the remainder of the school year. If your child would like to bring in a book from home to read and keep in their desk, that is fine. There may be a fee if any books are not returned.

All Superkid home edition books should have been returned Tuesday (both classes have returned a little more than half ). If you have not sent yours back, please do so promptly. If any books are lost or damaged, Mrs. Tisher will send an invoice of cost due to the school. Thank you for understanding.

Please remember to order lunch and send in a snack for the last few days of school. With the days getting hotter, it would help to send in a water bottle for students to keep at their desks.

Final report cards and test scores will be mailed after Memorial Day.

Field Day

Good afternoon 1st-grade families!

Testing is almost over and we are ready to celebrate with our book buddies for our annual Hot Dog Lunch Wednesday. If you have not signed up for anything yet, please do so today. Thank you!

Today we sent home field trip permission slips that need to be filled out and brought back by Wednesday of this week. I will send out a field trip email to all first-grade families over the weekend. Our field trip date is next Tuesday, 30th.

Another wonderful tradition to celebrate the end of testing for the whole school is Field Day. Our Field Day will take place THIS Friday, 26th at Fuller’s Park. This is an all-day event. PLEASE follow the directions below for the day.
**If for some reason it becomes a rainy day, our make up day will be next Friday, May 3rd. The office will keep us updated on rain delays.

Morning arrival:
Fuller’s Park 3499 Robinson Rd. Marietta (off Roswell and Robinson). My cell phone number (in case you are late) 678-895-7795.
DO NOT come to school that day…we will not be there. Please do not drop your child off and leave; you will need to sign them in.
Our day will begin at 9:00 and will end with a closing ceremony (around 1:30) and pick up around 2:00.
Please arrive at Fullers Park by 9:00 a.m.; showing up late will prevent teams and games from starting on time. We will be there at 8:45.
Kim DeLoach and Heather S. will be there with us in the morning to assist with checking in and getting lunches organized.
Please look for us as you drop your child off. We will be collecting lunches and signing your children in.
You will pick your child up at Fullers Park by 2:00 and you MUST see either teacher so we know they are leaving. Please do not tell another adult/teacher…you must let us know.
Closing ceremony begins at 1:30. I recommend getting there a few minutes before 2:00 since most times we are already done.
**Please let us know if your child plans to go to morning/afternoon Tree House ASAP!! A bus will drive them to Fuller’s Park and will take them back to school in the afternoon, however the office needs to know who plans on utilizing this service. Thank you!!

Snack and lunch: Please make sure your child has a fulfilling breakfast that morning. The whole school will stop for snack between 9:45 and 10:00. We would hate for anyone to feel faint or dizzy because they did not eat enough for breakfast.
EVERYTHING must have your child’s first and last name on it. Without a name, it becomes difficult to figure out who gets what.
Everything needs to be disposable so it can be thrown away after lunch. Use gallon sized zip-lock bags (labeled) or paper bag (labeled) to hold lunches.
Please do not send tubs/containers/Thermos of food; we will not have a place to store it. Again, all items must be disposable.
We will have a cooler with ice to keep food cold. Sandwiches are the best option for this type of outdoor activity.
Send a bottled water or Gatorade/Powerade bottle (labeled) for your child to drink during lunch.
Goldfish will be the snack provided by the school; if you want to send something extra, that is fine…it just needs to be eaten fairly quickly.
Popsicles will be passed out at the end of the day.

What to wear:
Mrs. Goodson has asked that everyone wear tennis shoes that fit and tie.
There are many games with kicking involved, and lots of shoes have been flying off feet at recess and PE. That can be dangerous to others as well as during running games and other foot related events. Make sure tennis shoes are worn with socks and laces are tied tight!
Your child must come to Fuller’s Park dressed in their correct field day T-shirt (not last years!) They will get their shirt Thursday.
Athletic type shorts (girls/boys) or capri/crop pants (girls) will be best. No jeans, leggings, or skirts.
It will be HOT! Girls should put their hair up to keep it out of their face.

Sunscreen should be applied before arriving at the park. Your child can wear a hat, just make sure their name is somewhere on it, in case it gets lost.

Unlike last year, your child might not be on my team. Each team is made up of a few 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. If we stayed together as a class, we wouldn’t have much of a chance against the older grades!

Lastly, you are all welcome to come watch and cheer us on! It is a large area, so all are welcome. The seating is concrete, so you might want to bring a comfortable lawn chair!

See everyone Friday!!

7 weeks left and still a TON to do!!

Next week starts standardized testing for grades 1-8. Please note that all grades and testing will vary based on grade level. 1st grade will test Monday 15th through Tuesday 23th and we will test from 9:00-11:00.
• We will begin testing promptly at 9:00 every day. It is very important that your child arrives by 8:30 each day to get prepared.
• Please make sure your child gets a good night’s rest and eats a healthy and satisfying breakfast each morning. We will have a snack, however, the times we eat snack each day will vary due to the test.
• PLEASE pack a healthy snack. Although I am asking for snack volunteers, many may want additional snacks or may not choose to eat what is sent in. Kim DeLoach will send out a signup shortly for volunteers to send in a snack. I ask that it be healthy and not too sugary since they will be eating in between tests. Thanks!
• Attendance is very important next week. It is imperative that your child arrives on time and is ready for the day. If they arrive after 9:00, they will wait in the office until the test is over and we will need to schedule a make-up time.
• Parents, please do not enter our building to drop off lunches or other items during testing times. You may drop off items in the office if need be and they will deliver the item to me after testing is done.
• Your child may bring a chapter book to read during ‘wait time’ at their desk. I would highly recommend sending in a water bottle. They can also keep this on the floor by their desk.
• You do NOT need to bring/send in extra pencils. I use a particular brand and have enough for the students to have this week.
Next week will be a “no homework” week.
Field day will be Friday, April 26th, provided it does not rain. This is a drop-off and pick-up event. Your child will NOT come to school that day. You are more than welcome to come and stay…bring a chair and pack a lunch! I will also need a few parents to help me out with a snack and lunch. If you are interested, let me know. You will receive more information later next week about times and field day details.
Our Field trip to the Botanical Gardens is on Tuesday, April 30th. There will be details to follow along with who will be chaperoning the trip with me. I will share more information after testing week.
The book report and project is due Monday, May 13th.
7 FOOTPRINTS on ANY book are due Friday, May 17th. You can also hand them in weekly as we have been doing all school year.
Our Spring party was a blast. We had egg relay races, balloon games, and of course, the egg hunt. Thank you to those who donated your time!

Marching towards March!

Quarter 3 is coming to an end…already!! The last day of the 3rd quarter is March 15th and report cards will come home the following week.
March plans to be a busy month! Shortly we will begin our Leprechaun traps with hopes to catch those pesky Leprechauns on Monday, 18th. To prepare you (please DO NOT tell your child) I make our room an absolute disaster and they LOVE it!!
I like to leave treats and treasures around the room…left by the “Leprechauns.” If you would like to donate items, please feel free. I can always use themed pencils, stickers, or other goodies. I am not sure who signed up for a snack that day, but it is usually something easy like green rice crispy treats and green juice or Gatorade. Snack is a drop off event.
We will have our Spring celebration Friday, March 29th from 11:00-12:00, lunch from 12:00-12:30, and dismissal at 1:00. There will be more info to follow. Every child who would like to participate will need to send in 12 plastic (already filled and sealed) eggs for the egg hunt (which will take place on the playground). Many parents like to volunteer for this party; please be prepared to help and do lots of work! Kim will get more details from me soon and will send out a volunteer list, outdoor games list, and a snack and drink sign-up.
Next week is the 9’s/ 10’s math test. We plan to finish timed tests the week of March 25th. When we return from break, we start subtraction facts, first with the 12’s. I would highly suggest practicing those facts over the break, if not earlier.
Quarter 4 Footprints are completed independently at home. Your child can choose any picture or chapter book to complete their Footprint. If they choose a chapter book, 3 or 4 Footprints can be written to summarize the book. Instead of 9 Footprints, they will need to complete 7 by Friday, May 17th. I would recommend continuing to hand in one a week instead of waiting until the end of the year to hand them all in. These are a grade on their report card and we are looking for completion in order for them to receive an ‘E.’
Students’ last project of the year will be presented on Monday, May 13th. There will be more information to share mid-March. This is an at home project and can be any of their choosing. They may pick any story to share. Often, kids pick their favorite story to share and create a project to go along with it. Please no posters or drawing on a piece of paper, we are looking for creativity. The project can be constructed from materials found around the house or old boxes to make dioramas (just to name a few). Students are encouraged to be imaginative.
A few housekeeping reminders.
• Please return Friday Folders each Monday.
• Homework folders should be returned each day with homework completed.
• Mrs. Peltier’s folder should be brought back in order to change out books.
• Please continue to read these books with your child nightly.
• Please sign reading slips (for Superkids hardcover book at home) and send back by due date.

Thank you!!

Fun in February

100th Day was a success! We met with our book buddies and practiced doing lots of things 100 times, like making a funny face and holding it for 100 seconds or doing 100 jumping jacks. Our snack was yummy and our necklace was fun to make. Now we must move onward to our next events!

**Our Valentine’s Party is this Thursday from 2-3. Along with the games, snacks, and centers, they will also pass out their Valentine’s during this time. We are making large envelopes this week for the Valentine’s to go in. Please make sure every child has a Valentine and goodie. You can send them in starting tomorrow. Your child will not be able to participate in receiving Valentines if they do not bring Valentine’s in to share. Thank you for understanding.

Center 1: Decorate cookies
Center 2: Snacks and drinks
Center 3: Decorate a frame
Center 4: Game
Whole class: Pass out Valentine’s


**Conferences are in two weeks. I sent home conference sheets in Friday folders. Please check the day and time, sign it, and send it back to me this week. If we need to schedule another day and time, I need to know ASAP so we can make other arrangements to meet after school.

**We started the Dr. Seuss project with picking the book and many started writing the draft to their report. The first week of March is Dr. Seuss week. Each day will be themed with certain things to wear or do for the day. It is already posted on the Shutterfly calendar, and I will also send an email reminder the week of conferences.

Please remember to read, sign, and send back the books Mrs. Peltier reads with your child. Many kids are not practicing which will slow their progress and they could miss an opportunity to move into harder books.

Math facts are slowly coming along. We have 7’s this week and 8’s next week. We will have 9’s the week AFTER conferences. If you need extra practice sheets, place a note in your child’s homework folder. 7’s and 8’s are the hardest facts to get down, and MANY kids need LOTS of extra practice!

As a reminder, our spelling words have increased to 15. We are not having any more practice test; our test schedule is Fridays only.

As always, please continue to send in snack and order lunch AHEAD of time.

Each week there have been kids not able to check out library books. Please send them back before Thursday, our scheduled library day.

Have a wonderful week and let’s hope everyone continues to stay healthy!!


January news and updates

Brrrrrrr…’s CHILLY out!!
This email is filled with lots and lots of important and useful information. January is the start of quarter 3 and is it is the busiest quarter of the school year.
Spelling tests: Beginning the week of January 14th and lasting until the end of the year, we will only have 1 spelling test a week, and it will be on Fridays. There will no longer be an opportunity to re-test. Additionally, the spelling list will also increase from 10 to 15 words a week, starting January 28th. This helps prep the students for second grade when they need to spell 15 with an increase to 20 words a week.
Math: Timed math tests will begin the week of January 21st with the 4’s. We did many practice tests before the break and will continue with facts 0-3 next week. Each student will make flash cards and keep them in their desks to review throughout the week. I highly encourage all students to have both addition and subtraction flashcards at home to practice nightly.
You will receive their first study sheet next Friday (18th) in preparation for the test the following Wednesday.
The test is timed for 2 minutes and they need to answer 25 addition facts. There will be all combination of 4’s up to 12. Ex. 4+12, 12+4, 11+4, 4+11 and so on down to 4+0.
Everyone takes the test on Wednesday.
Those who receive 100% do not need to re-take the test for the rest of the week.
Those that did not get 100% re-take on Thursday, and if need be on Friday, too. Be prepared for tears the first few weeks. This is a new concept and many expect perfection. It is hard to do 25 facts in 2 minutes (especially with 6, 7, 8, and 9 math facts.)
Friday’s grade is the final grade I take.
Footprints: We will continue with one Footprint sent home and one done in class a week. Nine need to be completed for the quarter. We will complete our first Footprint together next week. We are talking about using the word ‘and’ in our sentences to join two ideas together. The sentences should be a bit longer and filled with more details from the story.
Most students should be completing these with little assistance.
We are still having a difficult time understanding how to correctly use quotations and dialog in our sentences, so I am asking that there are NO QUOTES in their HOME Footprints.
I promise these have a purpose!! If done correctly, they will learn to become independent writers who will be able to summarize any story given to them, which is a key tool needed in 2nd grade.
I updated the calendar and created a few sign up lists to the Shutterfly account. We have many in-class projects and events these next few months, and I need your help. Please look at the lists and see if there is anything you are able to contribute to the class. Thank you very much!

• 1st event: 100th day. Each student makes a necklace (with 100 beads each) and a trail mix with (100 food items). This will take place on Wednesday, January 23rd.
• 2nd event: Dr. Seuss in-class project. Please send in shoe boxes for the dioramas. Other materials and supplies are needed as well. We will start this project February 11th.
• 3rd event: Leprechaun Trap. We will use remaining shoe boxes as the trap but will need other items to lure those sneaky Leprechauns in. We will start this project March 4th.
Each subject has a common theme this quarter, and that is ‘to prep them for 2nd grade.’ Conferences are just around the corner, and I am looking forward to sitting down with each of you to share (and show) the growth your child has made this year. The sign-up sheets are on Shutterfly with available times.
Wood Acres Winter Open house is Sunday, January 27th. This is a great opportunity for you to meet and visit our 2nd-grade teacher, Mrs. Littleton. Not only will she share some of the curriculum for next year, but this also gives you an opportunity to explore her classroom and ask any questions you may have.
I appreciate all your support in what I do each day. Your children are all amazing! It will be a long 3rd quarter….but together, we will get through it!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome back!

I hope you all enjoyed your break with your loved ones and are off to a fantastic start to the new year. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things this week.
Being that it is a short week, we will work on our board writings. Our New Years Resolution writing should be up by the end of this week or at some point next week.
Also, we will share stories of what we did during our holiday break. If your child has something special to share, they may bring it in this week.
I will post a more detailed entry later this week (or weekend) about upcoming events, projects, changes in our curriculum, February conferences, and reminders about report cards.

A little F.Y.I….if you have adult size shoe boxes, DO NOT throw them out. I am asking for shoe boxes for our in-class Dr. Seuss and Leprechaun trap projects.

Have a great day!

December Book Report

As a group, we discussed books and examples of projects that may go along with a story of their choosing. Here are a few guidelines to remember.

1. The book must be “Winter” themed. It can be about snowmen, penguins, reindeer, gingerbread men, snow dogs, Santa, Hanukkah, and so many more!
2. The project can be about the setting, a favorite page, a few characters, or the main character. It is completely up to your child.
***The ‘project’ part must be something made to represent a scene from the story. Please, no drawing on a paper to present as a project. In years past, I have had students make gingerbread men to go along with their story, construct their display out of old boxes, used materials to represent their character out of cotton, Styrofoam, or clay. These are just a few endless examples of what to use or do when making the project.
3. The second page is to be written like a footprint with First, Next, Then, and Last as the transition words. They are to summarize the whole story, not just a part of the story.
4. Both the book report and project are due Monday, December 17th.

This Matters At Wood Acres.

  • High Expectations For Teaching And Learning

  • Strong Instructional Leadership

  • Safe Learning Environment For Everyone

  • Positive And Welcoming School Climate

  • Valuing Time On Task For Mastery

  • Close Home School Partnerships