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Upper School – September Spirit – Penny War for Cure Childhood Cancer

That is how much money the Upper School collected to donate to Cure Childhood Cancer! Almost $800 of that was in coins.
In honor of September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month the Upper participated in Cure Childhood Cancer September coin drive. But, to make it more fun each grade competed in a Penny War. Every Wednesday students in grades 6 through 8 would bring in their pennies for their class and sabotage money to keep other grades from getting ahead. In the end 7th grade was the winning team with the highest score. But, all were winners for helping to donate so much to such a worthy cause.

6th Grade Math February 12, 2018

Sixth Grade has mastered one and two step equations and inequalities! They don’t always like to show all their work but they are learning that they have to…
We are now deep in our studies of proportions and all the different directions proportions can lead – scale factor, unit rate, similar figures, indirect measurement, percents, tax, interest, oh my! We will end this unit with a real world percent project.

7th Grade Math February 12, 2018

Seventh Grade has completed our studies of linear equations. We studied slopes, horizontal and vertical lines, different forms of equations of lines, and real world applications. We also topped off the unit with a “stained glass” art project.
After a short unit on direct and inverse variation we will begin studying systems of equations.

8th Grade Math December 18, 2017

Eighth Grade just completed studying Exponents and Exponential Functions. We are now working on a Stock Market Project. The project began when the eighth grade was studying the stock market in History class. Students have been tracking 5 stocks for the past month. They are now putting this information into a spreadsheet and putting their understanding of spreadsheets to the test.

6th Grade Math December 18, 2017

Sixth Grade has begun solving One Step Equations. We are stressing the process – undoing what is being done to the variable by doing the opposite operation and that whatever you do to one side of the equal sign you must do to the other side. This can be challenging when the answer is obvious but the process is important.

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