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May 10, 2019

Hello Everyone! 10 more days of school for us and the kiddos are counting down! This week we looked at the letter “X”…not many words to see with this, but we managed. We are also working on writing numbers and getting first/last names written Kindergarten ready.

Looking forward, our class end of year party is next Tuesday, 11-1. Please come and enjoy this fun time with us!

To all the Moms…Have a glorious Mother’s Day.


Mrs. Staggs

April 26, 2019

Hello All!

It was a fun, eventful city day/country day…ask the kiddos about it and see what they remember. They started in our room for the High Museum of Art, then next to the Atlanta Aquarium, then some country fun with dirt pudding and planting a seed which is in our classroom for now. Last they learned about making butter the old fashioned way…it takes a lot of muscle.

April is almost a wrap and on to our final month of school, May. Wow, that went soooo fast! If you all have any questions, let me know.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Staggs

April 19, 2019

Hello Everyone! It’s been a little bit since i put out a blog, so here is the latest…

* We finished up on the letter “A” this today, so our two most popular letter bag items were an apple and stuffed alligator. What else could there be?
* We are still working hard on writing our first and last names with emphasis on proper letter formation (I want their Kindergarten teachers to be impressed).
* Also working on number recognition up to 20…this is easy for some and hard for others, so practice, practice, practice.
* The big deal of the day was our egg hunt, which was carried out in the two treehouse rooms. Everyone got 15 or 16 eggs. Some with stickers or candy.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Staggs

March 29, 2019

Hello All! We made it to Spring Break and everyone is off in all directions! I can’t wait to hear all about their adventures when they get back. The pictures I am attaching was about measurement and different ways to measure without a ruler. So, we used toilet paper…they had a blast with this.

Callie the Cow is back for the rest of the year and will hang out with us in the classroom through the end of the year. Also, when everyone is back, we will start up on the alphabet again and the letter bag will make its way around.

Enjoy your break!

Mrs. Staggs

March 15, 2019

Happy rainy Friday! We had a sneaky visitor today when we were out playing…that pesky Leprechaun. He turned our classroom upside down and left a pot of treasure! He even made it into the bathroom…crazy guy.

We ended our week with the letter “I” and in Math, finished up learning about position words. Next week we will start learning how to write numbers – it isn’t as easy as you may think. The kiddos always surprise me with their abilities and how quickly they learn.

Below are pictures of us making ice cream cone bird feeders, using peanut butter and bird seed. They are/were hanging on the trees, but probably didn’t last long because of the weather. It was fun any way!

Have a restful weekend and see everyone on Monday.

Mrs. Staggs

March 8, 2019

It’s Friday and we wrapped up our Dr. Seuss week with all books “Seuss”! See if the kids can describe their “fish” graphs they did this week. The letter “Z” was interesting with there not being many “z” words to talk about, but we made it through. Our letter next week will be “I”! Math is still about position words…over, under, beside, left, right, on top, below.
If anyone can donate some Clorox wipes, we just need a few more containers to get us through May. Thank you!

I have some cute pictures attached below…have a great weekend!

March 1, 2019

Hello Everyone! It’s been a couple of weeks since I put out a blog, so here it goes…
We just finished up learning about the letter “V” and are still working through our story called, “The Tug of War”. Our Math unit right now is all about position words: over, above, beside, under, next to. See if your child can follow your direction using these words at home. In Science this week, the kids tried their hand at building with marshmallows and toothpicks, ask them if they can tell you about it.

I want to thank everyone for conferencing with me…I love discussing their growth and what lies ahead! Have a relaxing weekend. Pictures are attached below.

Mrs. Staggs 🙂

February 15, 2019

Hello Everyone,

This week was full of things the letter “W”. I think the whirlygigs were their favorite! On Wednesday we tried our hand at making a love potion…I think we were successful. Our new story that will be studied after break will be “The Tug of War”, first listen was today. Have a restful break, whether here or away…I will see some of you on Thursday the 21st, but most of you, I will not see until Monday the 25th.

Take care,

Mrs. Staggs

February 1, 2019

Happy Friday on such a sunny day at the woods! Instead of a “snow” day, we got a “mud” day…that’s ok though. You never know what you will get here in Georgia!

Our shortened week was still fun with Mitten Day activities and of course the 100th day of school, all rolled into one. I will post some fun pictures at the end.

Conferences will be held on the 19th and 20th, so if you have a time in mind, let me know. Otherwise I will find another day/time that will work.

Thanks so much,
Mrs. Staggs

January 24, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! Our week was short but good…some things we learned were:

* All about germs…we used glitter on our hands to see how far germs go and of course how to keep them away.
* In math, pennys and nickels were introduced… how do we use them to buy things?
* Our new story this week is “The Nightingale”

Looking forward next week, 2 important dates:

* 100th day of school for the 4s program – bring in 100 items in a baggie – January 30th
* Mitten day is January 31st, where mittens will be used in different ways to enhance learning in centers (not real mittens).
* Donate a pair of real mittens for MUST Ministry – Thanks!

Have a terrific weekend!
Mrs. Staggs

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